Steven Seagal Does His Best Work in Aussie Beer's Mini-Film

Aging action-movie sub-icon Steven Seagal stars in a new four-minute epic mini-film called "Sheep Impact" (below) for Australian beer Carlton Dry. Seagal plays against type. By that I mean, he gives a great performance. He's helped immensely by the fact that he's basically portraying himself—a paunchy goofball with questionable martial-arts skills. The satisfying spot, from Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne and director Bendan Gibbons, is the culmination of Carlton's quest to find the best "real-life" story to turn into a commercial. Clearly, some liberties were taken with the truth here, but the plot's no less credible than Seagal's inane thrillers were two decades ago. Here, Steve tries to help a guy who's promised some girl that he'll bring meat for 20 people to her barbecue—since his dad's a butcher. Alas, Dad is really a bus driver. A solution presents itself when the pair spy a lone sheep in the outback, precipitating this exchange: Guy: "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Steve: "No, I'm thinking normal human thoughts." I'd guess Seagal already devoured the rest of the flock. There's a great visual joke when the guy asks, "Are you the only 26-year-old who's never told a lie?" Segal deadpans, "Yes," as the camera scans his craggy, nearly 60-year-old face. His shades make him look like a steroid-bloated Bono, and his intense, whispery delivery is priceless, especially when he calls his Down Under companion "mate" in flat American tones. His other key lines include, "Sheep, I saved your life, now help me," and "Say hello to my little wooly friend." In the climactic martial-arts melee, Seagal barely moves a muscle. Awesome, mate! 

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