Stars line up in PSAs against sex trafficking

Real Men Dont Buy Girls

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore launched a big PSA campaign Monday to fight sex slavery under the theme, "Real men don't buy girls." It's a star-studded affair starring everyone from Kutcher himself to Sean Penn, Bradley Cooper, Drake, Jamie Foxx, Jason Mraz, Justin Timberlake and the realest real man of all, Old Spice's Isaiah Mustafa. (Isaiah appears in the spot below—with Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore, for some reason.) craps on the effort for having "zero substance," though obviously the celebs' only real duty is deliver eyeballs. Thus the Funny Or Die-esque approach, which admittedly has little to do with sex trafficking—the whole concept is just a play on words. The spots are structured oddly, featuring narratives with particular celebs that cut to framed photos of different celebs who are also "real men." Over on Facebook, you can make your own video, where your image appears in one of the picture frames. As these things go, it's pretty run-of-the-mill. What is odd is that most of the YouTube videos are unlisted, making it difficult for people like me to show them to people like you. I did track down three more, posted after the jump.

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