Scott Oelkers and Hatsune Miku, Together at Last in Crazy Video From Domino's Japan Chain's CEO introduces funky new app

Have you heard of Hatsune Miku? Perhaps not, but Domino's sure has. Here's a hint: She's one of Japan's biggest stars. More precisely, she is a holographic avatar created for a "singing synthesizer application" from Crypton Future Media. So, what better way for Domino's Pizza to introduce a new iPhone app to the Japanese than by teaming up with its most beloved digital sensation?

Domino's did just that last week, as the chain's president and CEO, Scott Oelkers, introduced the new app in the corny, somewhat comical video below. Oelkers's enthusiasm, which comes off as more than a little forced and awkward, makes the video either awful or awesome, depending on how you look at it. The app, though, seems legitimately cool, as it allows you to "create vocaloid songs," among other snazzy features. "From the menu to the order, it looks very cute. Just like Miku," says Oelkers.

Sure, Oelkers may need some acting lessons. But it's not all bad. Now, when you order a pizza in Japan, you can get a mini-avatar augmented reality performance right on you pizza box. That's gotta be worth it, no?

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