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Saucy TV Ad Gets Viral Boost After Being Made Into an Animated GIF Who needs audio and bad copy?

How do you get your ad to the top of Reddit? Try erasing all the audio and bad copywriting, leaving only a few silent scenes of a sweaty, stripping tutor.

At least, that seemed to work for European thermostat app Wiser, whose new ad, "A Very Hot Afternoon," soared to Reddit's front page this week after a user converted the spot from agency Being into an animated GIF.

As you can see below by comparing the original YouTube clip to the silent animation, this translation really highlights how mediocre and pointless the actual ad's final 30 seconds are.

Also, as with any scene from the "hot for teacher" trope, it's always funny to imagine how disturbing this spot would be if the genders were reversed. A sweaty guy slowly undressing next to a young girl? Watching that kind of clip is likely to get you a visit from the feds, or at least Chris Hansen.

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