Rebel Wilson Sings Queen in the Year's Most Quirky Sitcom Promo It's a Super Fun Night

Actress and comedian Rebel Wilson is a quirky rule breaker, so why should she adhere to some old-school network-TV model for promoting a sitcom? She shouldn't, ya hear? Regular 30-second promo spots? Pshaw.

Wilson, who stars in, writes and co-executive produces ABC's upcoming series Super Fun Night, conceived the idea of a full-length music video to hype the show. The Aussie, who broke out to U.S. audiences in Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids, wanted to show her vocal chops and give a snapshot of the lovable nerdiness of the fall comedy, which isn't, in fact, a musical. It is, however, self-deprecating in the extreme, with Wilson coining the term "eye broccoli" to describe herself and her pals in the pilot.

The music vid, from Stun Creative, a Los Angeles marketing and promo shop that's now producing its own original content, uses Queen's anthemic "Don't Stop Me Now" to let Wilson and co-stars strut, sing, pose and perhaps stand out from the pack of new TV series debuting in the coming weeks.

Super Fun Night revolves around Wilson, a Manhattan office worker sporting an American accent, and her longstanding weekly date nights with her two geeky besties. Catch the awkward hilarity starting Oct. 2.

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