This Precocious Director's First Ad Really Gets Inside Its Subject Birth of a real talent

Here's a very special delivery from French agency BETC. It's called "Birth," and it's a minute-long promotional film touting the annual Young Director Award that will be presented Thursday at the Cannes Lions festival.

Norman Bates (great name!) directed the impressively offbeat outing that presents—in a single, flowing shot—the "debut effort" of a young filmmaker. And I mean, a very young filmmaker. So young, in fact, that she's still inside the womb. But not for long.

This marks the second notable "in utero" spot in recent weeks, following Grey London's British Heart Foundation PSA that used CGI to create some amazingly realistic womb footage. (Someone else held the camera for that kid, I guess. Lazy unborn slacker.)

BETC's commercial is more lighthearted, offering a memorable riff on "giving birth" as a metaphor for creativity, with dashes of cheeky humor punctuating its labor of love.

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