‘People’ wins fight for Brangelina baby pics

People_1 In most families, the first pictures of a newborn are special, maybe even priceless, at least to mom and dad—the kind of things you’d hate to lose in a fire, for sure, because they’re irreplaceable (assuming all your digital photo storage disks get torched too). But some families are different. The first pictures of their babies aren’t priceless; they’re worth a shitload of cash! Take Brad and Angelina’s bouncing bundle of joy, Shiloh. People reportedly shelled out $4.1 million for the first public shots of the little tyke, according to the New York Post. And if their mansions burn down, all Brad and Angie have to do is go to the Internet and print out new copies. (The pics have already been leaked to the Web, actually, even though People’s cover story hits newsstands Thursday.) Ah, the joys of parenting for the super rich. And lest you think the dazzling duo had a preference for People, the Post reports that all the weekly gossip mags had a fair shot. They all sent editors to Getty’s New York offices late on Saturday night (the air conditioning had long been turned off) to bid on the photos. The photos were displayed at 10 p.m., and the parties toiled all night, coming up with bids that were due by 6 a.m. Sunday. Kinda makes the TV upfront look like an orderly process.

—Posted by Steve McClellan

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