Pay No Attention to the Sears Ad Offering an iPad 2 for $69

Sears has retracted an online ad offering the iPad 2 for $69 and blaming a third-party seller, GSM On Sale, for a typo. Customers who placed orders, thinking they were getting away with a stupendous deal on the normally $744.99 model, are of course furious, especially since sales are expected during the back-to-school shopping crunch. Sears's Facebook and customer-service pages both lit up with complaints ranging from "They should honor those prices and eat their mistake" (yeah, right) to "This is just another example of why third-party sellers on a retailer's website is a bad idea." Which is true, I suppose, but it's also an example of why consumer entitlement is a bad idea. Does anyone seriously expect an iPad for less than $100? This must be the same element who Tase gnomes in pop-up ads to win a free Xbox.

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