The Other Bieber, Letterman and Zellweger Star in Ads for the Other Amazon Agency finds people who share its famous-name problem

Sharing a name with a celebrity has got to be a blessing and a curse. But it can also make you mildy famous.

Lynda Pearson and Millie Olson co-founded Amazon Advertising, an agency based in San Francisco. In the video below, they explain that while they and the e-retail juggernaut have filed seperate trademarks that keep each from encroaching on one another's business, it's gotten harder to maintain an identity as the Amazon that's not THE Amazon.

"We just didn't know they were going to take over the entire world," Pearson says. 

Taking a page from Jack in the Box and Taco Bell's "Real Ronald" and Seattle's Best's "Real Duncan" campaigns, the folks at Amazon Advertising have started the Mistaken Identity Project, recruiting real people with famous names to help explain their dilemma.

The results are pretty amusing too. "The real" Justin Bieber explains how he's been kicked off Facebook (for not being the douchier but more famous Bieber), and Jon Stewart talks about how he dated a girl named Hillary Clinton (who incidentally wasn't so proud to share her name when the Lewinsky scandal broke). 

As for Amazon Advertising, you'd think they're quite lucky to share a name with America's most popular brand.

Take a look below as Bieber, Stewart, Zellweger, Letterman, Alice Cooper and the Amazon Advertising team give us a taste of what it might be like to be famous...ish.

Via Creative Criminals.

Justin Bieber

David Letterman:

Jon Stewart:

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