Microsoft Needles Google With Lame 'Googlighting' Spoof Latest parody video falls flat

"Googlighting." Who greenlighted that? Microsoft takes a swipe at Google's cloud-based productivity/collaboration software in this send-up of Reagan-era TV series Moonlighting, with a slimy Bruce Willis-type salesman glibly pitching to an unimpressed Cybill Shepherd-type corporate boss. Ha ha! Whatever. Microsoft scored twice last year with two fairly funny videos, attacking Gmail in one and "obsolete" IT plans in another. Here, however, the concept falls flat (three times as many dislikes as likes on YouTube), with most detractors pointing out that Moonlighting is simply too old and obscure for many viewers to appreciate the central joke—even some boomers, at whom it's targeted. (Thank goodness they avoided Goog Times. Dy-no-mite!) Critics also decry the underlying hypocrisy of exchanges such as this: Unimpressed Boss: "But I could come to work, and the software could be different from the day before?" Slimy Salesman: "Different, better, completely gone. Who knows what the future holds for Google Apps?" Ha ha! It's funny because Microsoft never issues pricey upgrades of Office that aren't compatible with older versions, right? Hey, I'm using Word 97 until the disks melt, dammit!

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Topics: Google, Microsoft, Parody

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