Medical Oddities Abound in DDB's First Skittles Ads New spots star candy-covered outcasts

[UPDATE: DDB did the "Bleachers" and "Cranky" spots. LatinWorks did "Mentor."] Skittles has a new ad agency, DDB, but the candy brand's obsession with malformed anatomy continues. In the spirit of old TBWA spots like "Stable" and "Plant," DDB's new online spots feature one boy who dispenses Skittles from his stomach and another with "Skittles pox" who spreads it to a girl under the bleachers. A third ad, by LatinWorks, stars a girl with a Skittles monobrow. All three spots were directed by Rodrigo Garcia Saiz of production company Boxer Films. Inheriting the Skittles account, which produced so many gems under TBWA, is a bit of a thankless situation. There's a fine line between inspired absurdity and forced weirdness. These spots are a decent first pass for DDB, even if they're not on the same level as TBWA's truly transcendent Skittles spots with richer backstories and stronger dialogue, like "Touch" or "Piñata." Two more spots after the jump.

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