Marketing Predictions for Season 13 Cast of 'Dancing With the Stars' It's going to be a tough year

     • David Arquette. An unlikely jack of all trades in the entertainment business, Arquette has four movies in production, produces his estranged wife's show Cougar Town, has a clothing line (Propr Collection) with singer Ben Harper, serves on the board for hunger-relief organization Feeding America, and strangest of all, wrestled for a while in the WWE. David Arquette, everybody—the ticking time bomb of marketing potential that DWTS absolutely can unleash . . . or not.
     • Chaz Bono. Once the daughter of Cher and Sonny, Chaz Bono has now become the man of the hour in the LGBT community. Bono's gender reassignment transformation is the topic of his 2011 book Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man, which inspired a significant media tour and premiere of a documentary, Becoming Chaz, on OWN. He has an opportunity to champion the LGBT community on a nationally televised stage.
     • Chynna Phillips. The daughter of Mamas & The Papas singers John and Michelle Phillips, singer/actress Chynna hasn't quite gained the recognition of her peers. Most recently, she received media attention when she returned from treatment for anxiety, which could lend itself to endorsements in the medical world, as well as an appearance with her sisters during the summer hit Bridesmaids.
     • Nancy Grace. Outspoken pundit Nancy Grace will take the stage this fall in an area much different that her legal shout-fest on HLN. The blonde, Atlanta-based commentator will have to make a cross-country commute in order to perform, practicing in Georgia with her dance partner, and flying to Los Angeles to tape. She is similar to Kate Gosselin—she will drive ratings to her TV show, but brands will ultimately stay away from her.

—David Schwab is the managing director of Octagon First Call, a business that helps brands assess the value of celebrities for their upcoming marketing campaigns. Follow him at and @david_schwab.

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