Love, Hate, Triumph and Loss: The Whole Creative Process in One Great Web Comic Matthew Inman's guide to inspiration

You might not come across a more painfully hilarious description of the creative process as the one brilliantly set forth in this lengthy web comic from The Oatmeal. That's just a brief excerpt above—the whole thing is wonderful. In it, the artist, Matthew Inman, meditates on where ideas come from; the fickle nature of inspiration; the role other people's feedback plays in your own generation of concepts; and how trolls on the Internet can destroy your moxie. The lessons for ad creatives are mixed. On the one hand, being forced to come up with clever ideas on a schedule seems ridiculous and perhaps impossible. On the other hand, being given a framework to start from—a brief, or a marketing problem to solve—seems a whole lot easier than conjuring stuff out of thin air. Via Iain Tait.

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