OscarsWe missed our chance to do WestminsterDogShowFreak, so instead we launched OscarFreak, dedicated to the Academy Awards, which trails only the Super Bowl as an ad showcase. On Sunday, we hosted a live chat to critique the Oscar-night ads. 

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Here is the full transcript:

8:00 p.m. ET

Barbara Lippert: reege is just slightly better on the red carpet than star jones
Bob Moore: WAY CUTER.
Rob Schwartz: The "dread" carpet.
Bob Moore: sorry for the upper case. got carried away.
Rob Schwartz: Hi, Bob. Nice to chat with you again.
Barbara Lippert: way.
Bob Moore: Heya Rob
Barbara Lippert: Hi bob. (said with a french accent.)
Bob Moore: This s should be fun--not only do I not have my laptop, the tv is in the other room so I'm goin on sound alone. Plus, it's my turn to cook tonight. . .
Rob Schwartz: Bonjour mes amis...
Todd Grant: hey folks, how's it going?
Rob Schwartz: Vinnie Barbarino!
Eleftheria Parpis: hi everyone! thanks for joining us all tonight.
Bob Moore: Hi fellow tedster, toddster.
Barbara Lippert: hiar spray, hair plugs. jon travlota looks like a vulcan.
Bob Moore: Yo Ellie
Rob Schwartz: Ha, Barbara!
Todd Grant: i'm gonna just start right in, john travolta has very odd hair tonight

Barbara Lippert: anyone see the savages? it was sooo great.
Todd Grant: missed the savages, what was that
Rob Schwartz: I have to go on record and let you all know, I've only seen "No country..." But I've seen every single trailer.
Bob Moore: Me too Rob.
Barbara Lippert: laura linney movie with phillip hoffman. brillliant.
Bob Moore: Jav is Jhat.
Todd Grant: and i am seeing a potentially interesting tie in with javiar bardem and Dutch Boy Paint©
Rob Schwartz: Ha!
Barbara Lippert: I get the crreeps just hearing old Javier.
Barbara Lippert: there was a joke ON snl that with his page boy hair, javier should play Dora the Explorer.
Bob Moore: Now Dora creeps me out
Eleftheria Parpis: ha!! missed that. sounds funnny
Rob Schwartz: ok here we go.
Barbara Lippert: cute doggie
Jason Karley joined the chat
Jason Karley: hey everyone
Eleftheria Parpis: hey there
Rob Schwartz: Yo, J
Bob Moore: Hi Jason

8:10 p.m. ET

Todd Grant: more bars in more places, but not the kind you can drink beer at
Jason Karley: so... my dog just went crazy for that last commercial
Eleftheria Parpis: what do you guys think of this cadillac camp?
Barbara Lippert: that little girl in the CIngular spot acts as if she's seeing ET every time she looks up'
Rob Schwartz: Ok, this Caddy work makes me want to hurt small animals.
Jason Karley: he's a westie and barks at every animal on tv...
William Gelner from joined the chat
Barbara Lippert: omg dulce de leche -- sets latin culture back 50 years
Eleftheria Parpis: not all that interesting
Todd Grant: is beyonce perhaps over exposing her star power?
Barbara Lippert: I'm not feelin' beyonce any more. anyone ele?
Rob Schwartz: dulce DUH leche.
Bob Moore: She sold out, man.
Rob Schwartz: Dd Gary Busey attack Jennifer Garner?
Barbara Lippert: yeah. weird hair tunnel alert.
Rob Schwartz: Beyonce NEEDS a hit song.
Eleftheria Parpis: maybe it's the rain
William Gelner: hey guys.
Todd Grant: beyonce & brittany, i'm feeling this could happen
Todd Grant: mr. gelner, always a plesure
Rob Schwartz: hey, William.
Barbara Lippert: what is Rebecca Miller wearing?
Eleftheria Parpis: that is awful!
Bob Moore: Hi William
Barbara Lippert: her milkshake brings the boys to the yards full of fabric on her dress!
Rob Schwartz: Cameron Diaz...can you do a little something with your hair?
Todd Grant: that is funny barbara
Eleftheria Parpis: what's up with hercheeks?
Barbara Lippert: she is the idiot that sophia coppola made her out to be!!
Todd Grant: fly away hair, be free!
Bob Moore: My daughter points out she's Fiona.
Barbara Lippert: right!
Rob Schwartz: Go Sarah Golden
Barbara Lippert: oscar's oldest fan-- thought it was Julian Schnabel's mother!
Bob Moore: Wow. Barabara's on tonight.
Eleftheria Parpis: she's always on!
Rob Schwartz: I can't wait to see Julian's pj's.!!!!
Bob Moore: Kiss up.
Barbara Lippert: tanks!
Bob Moore: Kidding Ellie.
Eleftheria Parpis: is everyone sreaming???
Barbara Lippert: compliments mean nothing to me. I'm just looking for money.
Eleftheria Parpis: i know bob
Bob Moore: Journalism. That's the route if you wanna get rich.
Barbara Lippert: totally!

8:20 p.m. ET

Barbara Lippert: an orbitz erection.
Todd Grant: dorky
Barbara Lippert: what's up with the tyson thing? does anyone get why this is so odd?
Rob Schwartz: Orbitz changed their campaign -- shocker.
Rob Schwartz: Tyson is odd becuase of the odd camera angle.
Bob Moore: Tyson ad looked just weird. Bad everything.
Barbara Lippert: yes
Todd Grant: i love the warning being as long as the arthritic pitch
William Gelner: technical d fixed. just in time an ad that repeats "infection" five times.
Barbara Lippert: blood disorders and infections,,, way to start oscar night!
Todd Grant: hey, why is it called "oscar"?
Rob Schwartz: My wife just made pigs in a blanket. Enjoy, all.
Todd Grant: was there an actual guy with that name?
Bob Moore: She's a cutie.
William Gelner: i think it looked like a guy's uncle oscar
Todd Grant: wow, it wasn't just the script, that girl is brilliant
Barbara Lippert: one s houlder black g own is happenin' tonight
William Gelner: agree todd
Rob Schwartz: my firend's blog has the whole story.
Barbara Lippert: which girl is brilliant?
Barbara Lippert: ellen is brilliant as an actress, you mean?
Bob Moore: I've got a pillbox hat just like that
Todd Grant: yes indeed
Peter Nicholson joined the chat
Todd Grant: hey peter
Peter Nicholson: Hello everyone.
Steve Bassett from joined the chat
Bob Moore: yo peter
William Gelner: hi peter
Barbara Lippert: hey steve,, hey peter, hey Todd, hey William!
Todd Grant: welcome steve
Rob Schwartz: Greetings, Gents.
Steve Bassett: Hi , everyone!
Barbara Lippert: it's great no one died!
Peter Nicholson: Did you know I went tocollege with Jennifer Garner. Unfortunately i was senior when she was a freshman
Barbara Lippert: referring to Bill Conti story
Todd Grant: is it just me or does the oscar icon in the left hand corner kinda look like someone's flipping the bird?
Barbara Lippert: where did you go to school, peter>?
Jason Karley: haha. completely
Peter Nicholson: It does
Peter Nicholson: I went to Denison University
Barbara Lippert: winnahs
Rob Schwartz: Wunduhful, Reeg
Barbara Lippert: where is that, Peter?
Todd Grant: Denison Chili U?
Peter Nicholson: Granville, Ohio
Rob Schwartz: Xavier Bardem!!!!! What a goof
Barbara Lippert: Reege just said Exavier Bardem. it's Javier!
Jason Karley: friendo
Peter Nicholson: thank god Regis likes to talk. he's like a fluffer.
Barbara Lippert: and a phumfer
Barbara Lippert: anyone else have the michael bay commercial?
Todd Grant: cool clock in that chrysler, old school
Rob Schwartz: that'd be fluff-uh
Eleftheria Parpis: what's going on with bay appearing in spots these days?
Barbara Lippert: that fios one was pretty bad.
Eleftheria Parpis: he's also in that aussie goodby spot
Peter Nicholson: And of course he blew up a few tings.
Barbara Lippert: any spot that starts with Hi, I'm Michael Bay,'' has to suck.
Jason Karley: the bay awesome spot is great
Barbara Lippert: really?
Jason Karley: i like that he's willing to make fun of himself so over-the-toply
Todd Grant: wish m. bay wouldn't play himself
Peter Nicholson: That's not the ups truck racing to the oscars
Barbara Lippert: goony opening so far
Todd Grant: that's not really acting
Todd Grant: oscarfield?
Jason Karley: did you just change channel's from nascar, peter?
Rob Schwartz: starring the UPS truck
Peter Nicholson: Ha... Its ups in plain clothes
Todd Grant: look like an intro completed without the benefit of writers

8:30 p.m. ET

Peter Nicholson: So loreal is budweiser of the oscars
Bob Moore: See what happens when the art directors run the show. . .
Peter Nicholson: Will the first joke be a bout politics
Barbara Lippert: true about the intro!
Peter Nicholson: Or the strike
Barbara Lippert: mixed metaphors-- make up sex and collateral damage.
Barbara Lippert: do we think VF messed up by cancelling?
Rob Schwartz: metaphors...more like "meta-twos."
Bob Moore: Yes, weak.
Todd Grant: yes, vf blew it
Barbara Lippert: I ag ree. wrong move.
Rob Schwartz: VF did mess up for cancelling. They are here for gossip. Now where are we gonna get our juice?
Bob Moore: I normally get my invite weeks before. . .
Barbara Lippert: is it my set or is Jon really washed out looking?
Rob Schwartz: Juno joke funny
Todd Grant: yep
Eleftheria Parpis: first good joke of the night
Peter Nicholson: What's with Daniel day lewis and the double earrings
Barbara Lippert: hannibel and the wedge-- great joke.
Todd Grant: he's trying to look sensitive perhaps
Peter Nicholson: His other side
Rob Schwartz: Yom Kippur joke HA!
Barbara Lippert: inside jew joke
Peter Nicholson: Jack doesn't age anymore.
Rob Schwartz: Norbit funny
Barbara Lippert: he just wears his cataract glasses and moves on
Todd Grant: i love the way nicholson is always talking but you can never hear the cynical stuff you know he's saying
Todd Grant: not you peter, i meant jack
Rob Schwartz: Dennis Hoper. Here for his Ameriprise work...
Peter Nicholson: Hopper joke funny. and funny follow-up
William Gelner: hopper angry. don't want him angry.
Barbara Lippert: is it me, or has jon stewart taken on the posture of ed sullivan?
Rob Schwartz: Diablo from the the Kodak. Only in America!
Rob Schwartz: Elie, she mentioned Olympia Dikakis. Go Greeks!
Peter Nicholson: Its thegray hair
Todd Grant: wasn't diablo also a copywriter in minneapolis?
Barbara Lippert: probably, she was on the pole for like seven minutes.
Eleftheria Parpis: she's awesome.

8:40 p.m. ET

Peter Nicholson: Back in 5. 2 year old climbing on me.
Jason Karley: i gotta say the diablo hype is killing me
William Gelner: obama joke. funny.
Rob Schwartz: Gaydolph Titler...funny
Barbara Lippert: gadolf titler!
Eleftheria Parpis: very
Todd Grant: funny
Barbara Lippert: the light blue backround is very 1950s
Rob Schwartz: Green Oscars...
Rob Schwartz: wow, Jennifer Garner is wearing an Linocln grill around her neck!

• OSCAR FOR BEST COSTUME DESIGN goes to Alexandra Byrne for Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

Jason Karley: weird. don't they always start with something big like actor or actress??
Bob Moore: I'm 0 for 1.
William Gelner: damn. i thought the blue hopping penis costumes would win.
Jason Karley: same here, bob. stupid sweeny
Rob Schwartz: Streisand!!!!!!
Jason Karley: Like butter! on my tv!
Rob Schwartz: I like this diet coke spot.
Barbara Lippert: me too. not new, right?
Rob Schwartz: Not new, but good.
Eleftheria Parpis: no, i think it's been out for a while
Jason Karley: i debuted last year i believe
Jason Karley: it
Todd Grant: where did the herart health come from?
Bob Moore: Heart health???
Barbara Lippert: seguay from kiss to heart health a bit bumpy....
Todd Grant: superbowl part 2 with gmc
Rob Schwartz: I liked this spot on the Super Bowl . No one agreed with me.
William Gelner: agree, barbara.
Jason Karley: if coke balloon fight airs again i'll be a happy man
William Gelner: i think it works better here than the superbowl.
Barbara Lippert: you can never have enough sysiphis (sp) at these events, ifyou axe me.
Peter Nicholson: Roll that bolder up the hill.
Todd Grant: don't take it personally rob, you're a fine man
William Gelner: heather. ah, i miss melrose place.
Peter Nicholson: Cool animation
Rob Schwartz: no worries. I still like it.
Rob Schwartz: I miss Melrose Place too.
Todd Grant: because we're with it? is that the new tagline? if so, not good...
Barbara Lippert: show video, don't talk. even clooney is mumbling.
Rob Schwartz: new faces on the old faces. Great joke.
Todd Grant: bjork! classic
Rob Schwartz: ellen hoovering. great.
Todd Grant: irene cara!
Rob Schwartz: issac hayes...
Peter Nicholson: They should have an advertising agency do these sizzle films Add an idea. Be more concise and a bit more entertaining.
Jason Karley: nothing has topped the errol morris oscar stuff
Todd Grant: shirley maclaine, nicely deprecating
Peter Nicholson: Ben and Matt's best and honest moment.
Barbara Lippert: rob lowe thing a true low point
Peter Nicholson: Yes. Erroll stuff is great.
Rob Schwartz: celine...stop
Bob Moore: Hanoi Jane's got the doo award.
Peter Nicholson: WOW. Charlie.

8:50 p.m. ET

Barbara Lippert: true, peter. this stuff is usually great. worse cause of the strike?
Rob Schwartz: that was so un-moving that "sizzle piece."
William Gelner: this film sucked.
Todd Grant: is charlie chaplin al gore's long lost father?
Eleftheria Parpis: boring
Jason Karley: ishtar woulda been funnier there...
Steve Bassett: Are our ad award shows this bad?
Rob Schwartz: good porduct integration for apple.
Peter Nicholson: Iphone plug. cha ching
Todd Grant: sizzle peice, brought to you by sizzler©
Rob Schwartz: our ad award shows are better. and shorter.
Eleftheria Parpis: i miss the office
Peter Nicholson: Ann hathaway is looking quite pale.
Barbara Lippert: a farewell to arm
Peter Nicholson: He went to Denison as well.
Rob Schwartz: Ann Hathaway. Brought to you by Berkshire-Hathaway®
Todd Grant: funny, barbara
Bob Moore: daughers voting for the rat
Barbara Lippert: rat a great movie
Rob Schwartz: my daughter wants "surf's up."
Steve Bassett: the rat wins
Peter Nicholson: In agreement. My kids just yelled that out
William Gelner: my girls ar epulling for surf's up.
Rob Schwartz: Rats!
Peter Nicholson: Funny


Bob Moore: kids jumping both up and down
Rob Schwartz: A Bird wins for a Rat!
William Gelner: my girls are crying
William Gelner: will be back after beating them
Barbara Lippert: a rat who dreams.
Todd Grant: my son whitty loved the film and wonders why there aren't actually rats running around a kitchen
Rob Schwartz: Wow. Red is the new black.
Barbara Lippert: has h e ever been to nyc?
Peter Nicholson: Not good at this. Isn't she an actor
Rob Schwartz: good one, Peter.
Barbara Lippert: what can we say about the ads so far?
Eleftheria Parpis: norbit's gotta take this one
Rob Schwartz: The ads? Nothing to write about yet.
Barbara Lippert: nooo!
Eleftheria Parpis: oh well

• OSCAR FOR BEST MAKEUP goes to Didier Lavergne and Jan Archibald for La Vie en Rose.

Bob Moore: The French rock. TM
Todd Grant: the gray haired guy is actually barbara carrera. it's all make-up
Eleftheria Parpis: haaaaaa!
Barbara Lippert: he's actually from the '70s.
Bob Moore: good one
Rob Schwartz: snoozers.....
Barbara Lippert: I regret everything!
Todd Grant: i think they've gone too far with the passive aggressive get off the stage music
Jason Karley: nothing tops robin williams singing blame canada
Peter Nicholson: Think they were affraid of the Jon stewart 4-5 hours show comment
Barbara Lippert: this is gonna be a lon gnight
Todd Grant: yes jason, that was quite good
Rob Schwartz: wake me when it's funny

9:00 p.m. ET

Peter Nicholson: Seems liek there were a lot more comercials in the superbowl.
Barbara Lippert: reallly old fashioned show, no?
Jason Karley: i'm about to fall asleep, kinda like during the songs in sweeney todd...
Todd Grant: yeah! where are the commercials? this is odd...
Barbara Lippert: yeah. amy needed a little a nimated bird around her, or something...
Bob Moore: Yeah. I gotta go feed the aforementioned kids. See ya'll in a few.
Todd Grant: the set really does look like a remake of logan's run
Steve Bassett: oh boy, a loreal commerical!!!
Todd Grant: loreal. look like an actress. maybe
Barbara Lippert: yeah. a sciencey actress.
Peter Nicholson: Mcdonalds... Why? that kid has been watching flavor flav's show too much
Barbara Lippert: mastercard rocked.
Steve Bassett: to be continued?
Todd Grant: the sound of one pupil clapping
Rob Schwartz: That's the MC stuff that Barbara you were gushing about.
Barbara Lippert: I know. sorry rob.
Barbara Lippert: so you guys didn't like it?
Peter Nicholson: Mastercard adn the funky eye. that wins best art direction so far. Beautiful.
Rob Schwartz: no problem. It takes guts to dump a famous camapaign.
Rob Schwartz: I think the list and priceless was gettinga bit long in the tooth.
Peter Nicholson: Audi wasn't as good as superbowl
Bob Moore: Had to come back for this MC. Cool ad, great looking, could have been for a lot of other things.
Rob Schwartz: I'm noticing Audi more. There's some swagger to their stuff.
Peter Nicholson: Jon stewart is funny
Barbara Lippert: audi good. jon stewart good. backround so drab!
William Gelner: agree on audi, rob. like their superbowl spot. this one a little less so.
Jason Karley: Dwayne dropped "the rock" from his name. wow.
Rob Schwartz: The Rock and John Travolta have the same hair stylist me thinks.
Barbara Lippert: same astroturf.
Rob Schwartz: "The Rock" was his branding.
Peter Nicholson: Even the dealer retail audi spots are trying to be consistent. tough to do out of running footage
Todd Grant: the rock doing best visual effects. conceptual
Jason Karley: i miss the rock
William Gelner: the beauty of HD...i can see the pattern of the rock's plugs.
Peter Nicholson: Go see gameplan adn you'll feel better

• OSCAR FOR BEST VISUAL EFFECTS goes to The Golden Compass.

Rob Schwartz: I appreciate how Audi just used tTV for positioning. No horespower. No bits and bobs.
Todd Grant: does visual effects always mean using the computer? i kind of wish there was a little analog in here...
Barbara Lippert: academy award for underlying christian themed movie
Jason Karley: i think typesetting effects were awarded earlier in the weed
Jason Karley: week
Todd Grant: ha!
Barbara Lippert: funny!
William Gelner: any see this film? any good?

9:10 p.m. ET

Peter Nicholson: Just compared themselves to Walt disney. Now that was analog
Rob Schwartz: rhythm and hues. They're our neighborss in Playaa Vista.
Barbara Lippert: walt is jesus.
Peter Nicholson: Golden Compass is great. It is a series of three though
Rob Schwartz: And his 7 apostles...
Jason Karley: future supporting oscar winner cate blanchett...
Todd Grant: art direction! boo yah!

• OSCAR FOR BEST ART DIRECTION goes to Sweeney Todd.

Barbara Lippert: there will be blood should have won. incredible looking.
Todd Grant: sweeney todd, now that's a good name
Todd Grant: i predict blood will win for cinematography
Rob Schwartz: mille grazie
Jason Karley: my heart wants blood for best pic
William Gelner: me, too
Barbara Lippert: teem barton..
Todd Grant: when the music comes up these folks should just start singing their acceptance speeches
Jason Karley: ha! so it's okay
Rob Schwartz: i'm going to re-arrange my sock drawer. see you soon.
Barbara Lippert: I know. watching you tube beats this.
Jason Karley: they need way more TV timeouts
Todd Grant: should we blog youtube next?
William Gelner: need a one armed push up, a nipple slip, something!
Jason Karley: soybomb!!
Barbara Lippert: all we have is Javier's hair bob.
Todd Grant: i may have to take a nap against my will
Jason Karley: javier is my halloween costume. along with everyone else...
Barbara Lippert: ha
Todd Grant: lots of good actors here
William Gelner: this guy was great in michael clayton.
Steve Bassett: absolutely

• OSCAR FOR BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR goes to Javier Bardem for No Country for Old Men.

Todd Grant: dutch boy paint©!
Rob Schwartz: Imagine if the Javier wig was red...and became teh new Wendy's wig...
Todd Grant: dood, that's funny

9:20 p.m. ET

Jason Karley: i knew i shouldn't have taken french in high school
Eleftheria Parpis: subtitles please
Peter Nicholson: Commercials!!
Todd Grant: this is for you, for my grandparents, for spain...
Barbara Lippert: rethinking the overthought commercial...
Todd Grant: was that commercial the reason eric wasn't here tonight?
Peter Nicholson: Saturn spot could be the future of Saturn. They have permission to be the green car.
Todd Grant: busy doing a voice over?
Peter Nicholson: Ouch
Steve Bassett: A or B?
Rob Schwartz: this dove stuff blows
Jason Karley: Consumer generated commercials make me feel VERY secure in my job
Barbara Lippert: dove really blows! and looks terrible!l
Peter Nicholson: Like tose special fx on dancing with stars
William Gelner: campaign for real boredom
Rob Schwartz: i think the real campaign for beauty suddenly needs a real creative team.
Barbara Lippert: si !
Todd Grant: dove work is the opposite of beautiful. which is odd
Barbara Lippert: Javier and his mom love to make out!
Peter Nicholson: What is real beauty. It's more than skin deep.
Barbara Lippert: binoculars and perispcopes funny
Todd Grant: finally a conceptual bit
William Gelner: random and good.
Steve Bassett: agree
Peter Nicholson: Concept. Yes. Jon thought of that
Jason Karley: awesome
Peter Nicholson: Even better. bad dreams
William Gelner: maybe he should write the dove work
Barbara Lippert: more! they're making them too short.
Todd Grant: i don't think saturn has yet earned the permission to be the green car. but at least they're asking
Barbara Lippert: why were those two winners? (on the dove work) how bad were the others?
Rob Schwartz: they're making them the perfect length for YouTube tomorrow.
William Gelner: i miss felicity
Rob Schwartz: Agree, Barbara. The Dove runners-up must have sucked.
Barbara Lippert: first, a cadillac, second, a set of knives, dover runners up, you're fired!
Todd Grant: i'm realizing how difficult the choreography of event to commercials the superbowl has actualized. this venue has a long way to go
Barbara Lippert: what, todd?
Todd Grant: superbowl has 20 years of making the relationship of game to spots work pretty well. just not happening here yet

9:30 p.m. ET

Rob Schwartz: Back to Dove. If I compare them to Loreal, I like Dove better. Or at least Dove is more clearly positioned, Real Beauty.
Barbara Lippert: well, when the broadcast is exciting and the commercials are exciting, it works.
Rob Schwartz: I'm pushing on this Dove thing, because there ain't much else to talk about. Accept the "return to glamour" on the red carpet.
Todd Grant: yeah, loreal feels like a bunch of spots versus a themed or storied roll out. a little scattershod
William Gelner: funny.
Todd Grant: true
Barbara Lippert: l'oreal has to make like seventeen points per spot, I think. I'm not too into the celebs, either. old-fashioned.
Rob Schwartz: is it me, or is Owen sportin a "Javier."
Peter Nicholson: Well, I'd look at it this way. Of GM's options, I think Saturn is the way to go with it.
Rob Schwartz: Or should it be "Javvy-Hair?"
Todd Grant: that is true rob, they are still gm's edge, and now that edge is green
Peter Nicholson: L'oreal does this every year. They own th eoscars and do nothing with it every year. So french

• OSCAR FOR BEST LIVE-ACTION SHORT FILM goes to Le Mozart de Pickpockets.

Todd Grant: is it wrong to clap for a movie no one has seen?
Peter Nicholson: kill the bee
Barbara Lippert: no ! n o bee!
Rob Schwartz: Ugh...Seinfeld!!!!!!!!!!
Barbara Lippert: did that movie do well?
Jason Karley: was there really a bee movie? or just a glut of promos?
Todd Grant: bee movie felt like they hauled it out of pixar's vault, 18 years ago...
Peter Nicholson: no. script sucked... Like the wierd irony of a kid's flick and killer bees
Rob Schwartz: i think i just saw a united commercial...

• OSCAR FOR BEST ANIMATED SHORT FILM goes to Peter & the Wolf.

Rob Schwartz: see red IS the new black!
Peter Nicholson: Is he going to throw his voice into that puppet
Todd Grant: he brought the doll, i told him to leave the doll at home
Rob Schwartz: the puppet and Oscar are gonna hook up later...
Barbara Lippert: the puppet!
Steve Bassett: if he hadn't have won, he would have had to carry the puppet around all night
Barbara Lippert: the puppet was lookin me in the eye
Todd Grant: that doll is getting smashed tonight. get it? smashed?
Peter Nicholson: That would have been hilarious
Todd Grant: funny steve
Todd Grant: do you think they're doing all these flashbacks because they really don't have any material?
Rob Schwartz: i love alan arkin
Barbara Lippert: seems that way. like it's a show from 1957.
Todd Grant: the nominees for best commercial so far, anyone?
Steve Bassett: MC for me
Rob Schwartz: don't need a weathrman to know which way the wind blows...
Peter Nicholson: They always do flashbacks. Only rights SAG gave up to the academy. Anything else costs double scale adn reiduals
Peter Nicholson: and residuals...
Peter Nicholson: spelling sucks
Rob Schwartz: There are not enuff nominees for Oscar for best spott
Eleftheria Parpis: my favoriteso far is mastercard, loved it, but still felt too long
William Gelner: haven't seen a really great spot yet
Jason Karley: does jc penny have spots coming, barbara?
Todd Grant: tilda should do loreal
Rob Schwartz: i think the story of tonite is the missed opportunity for pretty much every brand. Accept Apple. I think the product placement was genius.. And billions saw it.
Barbara Lippert: yes. for the ralph laurent really n ew commercials except for MC so far.

• OSCAR FOR BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS goes to Tilda Swinton for Michael Clayton.

Peter Nicholson: That's an upset. she was better in lion, witch and the wardrobe as the ice queen
Barbara Lippert: jc penny ralph lauren knockoff thing, I mean.
Rob Schwartz: did i wriote accept? I meant "except Apple."
Barbara Lippert: tilda for loreal would be inspired.
Todd Grant: i'm hoping this will be the opposite of the superbowl and have the best spots during the last half hour
Steve Bassett: there is no honor in the motion picture business

9:40 p.m. ET

Rob Schwartz: i can't type and spell...
Peter Nicholson: The prime time. That's when everyone wakes up on the east coast fo 20 minutes
Barbara Lippert: jere's jcv penney
Todd Grant: you want to accept the oscar for apple, that's cool, you do work at chiat
Todd Grant: i meant that as a compliment
Rob Schwartz: worth every penney...
William Gelner: what a waste of money...jc penny.
Peter Nicholson: Cliche American spot for JC Penny.
Barbara Lippert: is this gmc from last superbowl?
Rob Schwartz: good luck, gerry graf!
Jason Karley: this isn't like the superbowl. no one is being quiet for the commercials. haha.
Eleftheria Parpis: ugh
Steve Bassett: very different for JC artistic stuff
Peter Nicholson: I think so. Because that's whenNouvelle Vague was big.
Todd Grant: gmc should simply stop running tv spots. except for that boulder one
Barbara Lippert: so that's why everyone's wearing red? for heart health?
Rob Schwartz: target still fresh...
Peter Nicholson: That boulder spot is looking really good now.
Steve Bassett: what's the demo for the oscar's audience?
Barbara Lippert: demo is upscale, educated vomans.
Rob Schwartz: Target just schooled JC Penney.
Todd Grant: most people will forget your commercial
Barbara Lippert: mercedes benz sucked.
Peter Nicholson: When is Merkley going to lose Mercedes benz.
Rob Schwartz: Bad dress
Barbara Lippert: penney work from saatchi so much better than this...
Rob Schwartz: can we go back to JCP? WTF?
Jason Karley: was that NOT saatchi?
Peter Nicholson: Did the ideas leave with Tony?
Todd Grant: when you think scientific achievement, you think jessica alba
Rob Schwartz: ya know, i don;t really know what saatchi is doing. i think tTarget is still strong. and I think Martin has found a little daylight with Wal-Mart.
Barbara Lippert: you know-- what's his name the photographer who did calvin klein and abercrombie...
Rob Schwartz: bruce weber?
Tom Julian joined the chat
Peter Nicholson: Bruce weber
Peter Nicholson: Likes boys naked
Barbara Lippert: yeah. that was a bruce weber jc penney thing. watered down 1980s.
Tom Julian: greetings from the renaissance hotel (next to the kodak theatre)
Rob Schwartz: we did this campaign for teh oscars last year.
Tim Nudd: hello Tom
Peter Nicholson: Hello Tom.
Barbara Lippert: anyway, to be clear, the jcpenney stuff not from saatchi. it's from ralph lauren agency, using bruce weber.
Rob Schwartz
: Ralph should stick to ties, polos and overpriced underwear.
Barbara Lippert: tom, tell us about l'oreal.
Todd Grant: no country has to win this

• OSCAR FOR BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY goes to Joel and Ethan Coen for No Country for Old Men.

Rob Schwartz: and they just did
Tom Julian: I know that the work is new...I've been out here for the past week...
Peter Nicholson: Fashion agency... of course
Tom Julian: looks like u r all chatting campaigns...
Todd Grant: yeah, silly fashion work; especially the girl playing guitar out in the wheat field. crazy!
Tom Julian: our work room has a direct feed fr broadcast but not seeing all the ad work here
Rob Schwartz: why did JCP take the work away from Saatchi?
Peter Nicholson: It looked like all the left over dailies for every hair, jean, or gap spot
Barbara Lippert: didn't take it away. it's like a franchise thing
Rob Schwartz: oh. They brought in the "fashion specialists."

9:50 p.m. ET

Bob Moore: Hi all, back from feeding kids, a broken dinner plate and a puppy emergency. And hi Tom. You're not missing much on the ad front.
Barbara Lippert: ralph lauren gets to do its own ads. like a brand within a brand.
Rob Schwartz: Are we watching accountants in action? I'm going to hang myself...
Barbara Lippert: saatchi would have done something much fresher.
Todd Grant: i'm noticing the spots aren't very funny, why not take a page from the superbowl and do some funny spots. just an idea for next year
Rob Schwartz: there's not a shread of ambition to the work i'm seeing. except that credit card company.
Peter Nicholson: Amen. Jon stewart could use the competition.
Tom Julian: feel like that many have to tow the credible line here with pomp/circumstance over entertainment
Tom Julian: how is stewart doing fr ur views
Barbara Lippert: i'm really surprised there haven't been more cinematic spots.
Todd Grant: why is that tom?
Barbara Lippert: I think sid ganis needs to go.
Tom Julian: cinematic means that it has to have academy approval + normally academy doesnt like to show partiality to films
Todd Grant: cinema, humor, drug overdoses, anything
Tom Julian: keep in mind that pre-pro on this work prob went back to jan. strike was still in full swing -- advertisers prob didnt want to risk?
Todd Grant: that is true, but still, the commercials theoretetically had creatives working on them
Bob Moore: theoretical creatives.
Barbara Lippert: usually I find taht I enjoy the Oscar ads so much more than Superbowl. more beaatiful and intelligent-- not going for the big jokes. but tonight, nuthinl
Tom Julian: good point...just like some of the fashion designers who should have been thinking red carpet not hollywood blvd!
Tom Julian: there is solid outdoor fashion work supporting red carpet stories here on sunset fr target, gucci, burberry, + h&m (not red carpet though) runs rampant
Barbara Lippert: well, red and black and one shoulder and messy hair is the fashion, no?
Bob Moore: Barbara, don't give up. Remember Coke came after halftime.
Steve Bassett: Barbara, you think the Oscars weren't a sure thing soon enough for advertisers to plan their spots for the broadcast?
Barbara Lippert: true dat.
Tom Julian: reds/purples/excessive jewels. -- accessory companies should have a field day over next months
Barbara Lippert: maybe that's the prob. what doyou think, Steve?
Steve Bassett: I'm just not seeing a lot of new stuff like usual
Tom Julian: has anyone seem the diane von furstenberg ad for amex yet?
Jason Karley: two old diet coke spots are the best so far
Rob Schwartz: recession. no new stuff syndrome.
Jason Karley: N.S.S.
Steve Bassett: Coke spot reminds me a little of the Target advent calendar spots at holiday
Jason Karley: oops. NNSS
Todd Grant: does drinking diet coke give you a healthy heart? i kinda doubt it
Eleftheria Parpis: yeah, steve, it does
Tom Julian: heidi klum is doing the red thing for diet coke + heart disease for women/awareness...
Peter Nicholson: Diet coke is ok. Not as pop culture relevant as coke was.
Barbara Lippert: this is sad.
William Gelner: i did like the aberfeldy track on the diet coke spot. trying to be positive.
Peter Nicholson: Here's teh Diane Von furstenberg spot. She's a great designer
Todd Grant: yes it was a nice spot with good music
Eleftheria Parpis: this is interesting
Steve Bassett: Do women have a different sense of humor then men do? Do advertisers think the do?
Todd Grant: i liked that spot
Bob Moore: Me too. beautiful.
Peter Nicholson: Spot totaly missed who she is though. Its no deniro spot

10:00 p.m. ET

Tom Julian: it supposed to be rooted in her inspiration fr nature to design showroom...tell a story?
Rob Schwartz: amex spot was well done. tallest dwarf here.
Todd Grant: why did it miss with you?
Barbara Lippert: nice dvf spot for Amex. no deniro spot, true, but it seemed authentic to her. and much better than vera wang!
William Gelner: in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king
Todd Grant: not deniro but then again, she's not deniro
Peter Nicholson: there was a pole done a few years back about humor to men and women. Women actually have a more raunchier threshold for humor than men.
Tom Julian: so mccann + vera didnt get good marks
Barbara Lippert: mccann got excellent marks for mastercard.
William Gelner: these guys...funny
Todd Grant: funny, dame judy is getting surgery again
Rob Schwartz: funny bit with these two schmigegies
Jason Karley: haha
Rob Schwartz: two guys with faces for radio doing sound. Perfect.
Peter Nicholson: Diane is so important to the history of fashion, difficult to capture. the spot is well done, just didn't capture her to me.
Barbara Lippert: ha!

• OSCAR FOR BEST SOUND EDITING goes to The Bourne Ultimatum.
Rob Schwartz: i'm watching the "Bored Ultimatum."
Tom Julian: they should've gone fr wrap dress to nyc woman to iconic brand now
Barbara Lippert: I actually liked the dvf spot cause they didn't push it or make it cutesy. it did seem true to her.
Peter Nicholson: I just saw superbad last night. that is a funny movie and deservedof an oscar
Jason Karley: anyone else winning their oscar pool right now? kakow!
Todd Grant: i liked the bit where she raises the camera up
Peter Nicholson: yes i am wining my oscar pool
Rob Schwartz: good restraint on the amex spot.
William Gelner: sweet earing on the sound guy
Todd Grant: jeff goodby's long lost half brother!
Rob Schwartz: he looks like the old guitar player from snl.
Barbara Lippert: the family alzheimer
Peter Nicholson: Funny todd. He's the cleaned up half
Rob Schwartz: ha
Eleftheria Parpis: i really like the amex spot, barbara, i agree
Jason Karley: e.g. smith? ha!!
Rob Schwartz: e.g. smith, yes. good one. thank you.
Todd Grant: ha!
Bob Moore: Amex best so far by a long ways.
Barbara Lippert: amex and mc
Rob Schwartz: they are the best amidst a field of loreal, freschetta pizza and old diet coke spots, yes.
Tom Julian: anyone trying to find the priceless giveaways in their mags right now
Bob Moore: Okay then. Followed closely by Freshcetta.

• OSCAR FOR BEST SOUND MIXING goes to The Bourne Ultimatum.
Rob Schwartz: check out ron jeremy
Barbara Lippert: priceless giveaways not out in mags yet, right, Tom?
Peter Nicholson: I lliked that Mastercard spot. And i'm still thinking about the boulder and GMC. Its stuck in my head like a bad tune.
Peter Nicholson: Did the superbad guys get perms and coloring from L'oreal to match tonight.
Tom Julian: march issues sooooo bet some should be hitting
Tom Julian: heard there was lots of chanel beaute on the red carpet -- not loreal
Todd Grant: jack wearing sunglasses all the way back in 1976
William Gelner: jack is a lesson in branding
Rob Schwartz: the Jack brand is nothing if not consistent.
Todd Grant: i see a ray ban viral film
Peter Nicholson: Yes he is. Consistency. sunglasses, Lakers, bad ass roles
Rob Schwartz: god, does this broadcast blow
Tom Julian: anyone placing bets on rating numbers for tomorrow

10:10 p.m. ET

William Gelner: forrest witaker was in fast times at ridgemont high
William Gelner: that's all i got
Barbara Lippert: same number as electoral votes for Huckabee
Jason Karley: "my cousin's got a mean set of tools"
Peter Nicholson: oooooh. Barbara
Todd Grant: i'm starting to think they need to RADICALLY change the show. like go to burning man, or have the folks on big brother do it, or something. just keep jon stewart, he's a good man
Eleftheria Parpis: i can't remember him in it.. nice factoid will
Barbara Lippert: I have an Amy Winehouse joke. (sort of.) anyone want to hear it?
Todd Grant: yes, tell it
Steve Bassett: yes
Tom Julian: christie was on red carpet pushing orange ribbons -- did that make the preshows
Jason Karley: go for it
Peter Nicholson: more jokes
Eleftheria Parpis: yes, barbara, please...
Barbara Lippert: she looks like a cross between Barbra Streisand and Keith Richards. ba bum!
Tom Julian: viggo told us he got his annual bath to come tonite
Peter Nicholson: Come on Ellen
Steve Bassett: barbara, keep them coming. We need more entertainment!
Barbara Lippert: lead balloon,much?
Rob Schwartz: i'm going to play NCAA football on Xbox with my son....TV is dead. So are movies.

• OSCAR FOR BEST ACTRESS goes to Marion Cotillard for La Vie en Rose.

Eleftheria Parpis: haaaaaa!
William Gelner: upset. thought ellen would nab it.
Barbara Lippert: it's anight for the frenchies!
Peter Nicholson: Did anyne like that movie
Steve Bassett: my daughter thout ellen would nab it too
Todd Grant: wow
Rob Schwartz: So much French. I'm gonna call Jean-Marie Dru tomorrow. He'll be in a good mood.
William Gelner: funny, rob.
Tom Julian: saw the film + the off broadway play -- play was shorter, funnier
Rob Schwartz: "You rocked my life." The new "whazzup."
Bob Moore: The Frogs are chauds.
Bob Moore: My 7 year old tells me that means "hot."
Bob Moore: Wait. the 9 year old.
Bob Moore: Make that both.
Rob Schwartz: Thank youl life. Thank you love. Thnak you stupeeeeed Americans!
Bob Moore: Must be bedtime.
Tom Julian: i can see the american living spot
Rob Schwartz: Where's John Cougar Mellencamp when you need him?
Peter Nicholson: Ahhh america again.
Eleftheria Parpis: ha, rob, that's pretty funny!
Rob Schwartz: i'm workin it elie. This show is weak.
Tom Julian: feels very '80s...multi-cultural push...mid-american fantasy way of life
Rob Schwartz: Rocco
Tom Julian: more mccann
Jason Karley: it really seems like media buyers decided boys don't watch the oscars
Todd Grant: woah, set change, didn't see that coming
Peter Nicholson: Bertoli makes one spot, possibly ever... and that's it
Todd Grant: wha?
Rob Schwartz: New carl's jr here in LA.
Tom Julian: know that the dispirito effort began in '07
Eleftheria Parpis: here's audi again with the godfarther spot .. still great
Steve Bassett: Arby's here
Todd Grant: broke the fourth wall, again!
William Gelner: audi from the superbowl here.
Rob Schwartz: Two Audi spots. Both with some guts. I like what's going on with this brand.
Barbara Lippert: rocco was sort of unrecognizable
Rob Schwartz: Check out the Wii!!!!!!
Todd Grant: yes, good cinema spot for audi
Peter Nicholson: I like audi. I'd like to have one of those r8
Rob Schwartz: Colin Farreal and i have the same hair cut. Only he looks cool.
Eleftheria Parpis: more earings on the boys, gives him a george michael look doesn't it?
William Gelner: is colin doing the wham movie?
Rob Schwartz: Freedom
Rob Schwartz: wham, funny.
Tom Julian: more bling on all men now -- they are as bad as the women with credits on red carpet
Todd Grant: the song pod, time for a visit to the facilities here..

10:20 p.m. ET

Bob Moore: That's it. I'm going to go get pierced.
Rob Schwartz: Winners for me so far. Apple. Wii. Amex.
Tom Julian: from my end i am going with jessica alba...i gotta get back to my work here -- hope all have a good nite -- thx
Bob Moore: Yeah. agree with Rob.
Tom Julian: that is for red carpet winner tnite...
Bob Moore: See ya Tom.
Barbara Lippert: thanks for joining us, Tom.
William Gelner: bye tom
Tom Julian: caio
Todd Grant: do you think jon just wanted to do those things or were they "product placements"? i don't think he's cheapen the oscars any more than they have been compromised by shilling for those brands
Tom Julian left the chat
Barbara Lippert: it was the only indication that we're in the 21st century.
Bob Moore: I gotta believe they paid for all that.
Peter Nicholson: Good question Todd.
Todd Grant: really?
Todd Grant: i'd be curious to know
Rob Schwartz: i dunno. Both brands aare simply pop culture phenoms and true.
Barbara Lippert: rob, do you know if that was a product placement?
Todd Grant: now the shades come off, what up?
Peter Nicholson: Betcha it is a caa ting. Made the deal with jon directly to incorporate into his act.
Rob Schwartz: ah, peter. that sounds right.
Bob Moore: I smell Jae Goodman.
Peter Nicholson: yup.
Todd Grant: does jae smell like loreal or dove?
Peter Nicholson: another goosdquestion Todd
Peter Nicholson: God i can't type
Todd Grant: goose down question?
Bob Moore: Jae's more L'oreal/
Peter Nicholson: good question. goose down is funny though. soft and funny
Todd Grant: i want him to smell like audi for some reason
Bob Moore: Men's Fragrance?
Peter Nicholson: Probably drives one of those audis
Bob Moore: Audi for Men.
Todd Grant: audi. oil de cologne. sorry, not good
Barbara Lippert: jae has hair here, but not here.
Peter Nicholson: Its called grit
Bob Moore: Wow.
Eleftheria Parpis: vicious
Bob Moore: Good French, Todd.
Barbara Lippert: looks like all this was compiled during the writer's strike.
Eleftheria Parpis: must have, this show is really lame
Peter Nicholson: It's what they wouldn't buy
William Gelner: was there also an editor stike i didn't know about?
Todd Grant: ha!
Barbara Lippert: ha!
Bob Moore: good.
Jason Karley: i think this is gonna win the emmy for best clip show
Rob Schwartz: LOL, Jason
Rob Schwartz: The se Oscars should win a Razzie
Jason Karley: or a rotten tomatoe
Jason Karley: (o)

• OSCAR FOR BEST EDITING goes to The Bourne Ultimatum.

Todd Grant: what?
Rob Schwartz: what
Peter Nicholson: Bourne is winning all the technical awards
Rob Schwartz: Bourne made me carsick
Barbara Lippert: the graphics and set design tonight are so dull!
Rob Schwartz: a well-edited speech...
Jason Karley: carsick=best editing
Jason Karley: I mean... most editing
Steve Bassett: the art directors weren't on strike were they?
Peter Nicholson: Jon is funny
Todd Grant: they should let wes anderson design the interior next year. please
Rob Schwartz: Bill Conti in steerage
Rob Schwartz: funny imdb joke
Todd Grant: french connection was brilliantly chaotic but that was like 1974. let's move on now
Peter Nicholson: She is scary looking

10:30 p.m. ET

Rob Schwartz: Ladies and gentlemen, teh Botox spokeswoman...Nicole Kidman
Barbara Lippert: yes, and let wes give everyone uniforms! team oscar!
Bob Moore: skelator.
Jason Karley: she looks like michael jackson
Todd Grant: best performance with an asymetrical cubic zirconium
Rob Schwartz: Team Oscar. Brought to you by adidas®
Eleftheria Parpis: brilliant
Rob Schwartz: A production designer is whatt is missing from tonite's telecast....
Barbara Lippert: totes!
Steve Bassett: Now this guy has a book!
Todd Grant: his drawings are wonderful!
Todd Grant: wasn't the shootist riddley scott's first film?
Peter Nicholson: Shows you how much special fx have screwed up the in camera shot
Peter Nicholson: that guy is classic hollywood
Todd Grant: yeah, and how wonderful special effects can be. without the evr present computer these days. not that i don't like the computer; i am writing on one after all
Rob Schwartz: i'm cynical...snoozers.
William Gelner: will they play the "move on" music? any bets?
Jason Karley: i like bob evans style classic hollywood
Todd Grant: oooh, that would be ripe!
Peter Nicholson: The scarf. the forgotten fashion ecoutrement(sp)
Rob Schwartz: i'd like to thank my first team of lawyers...abraham, issac and jacob...
Peter Nicholson: Its 10:37, do you know where the ads are
Steve Bassett: Maybe it gets more exciting in the 4th quarter
Rob Schwartz: eva langoria
Jason Karley: L'horrible
Rob Schwartz: L'humorous
Todd Grant: all these loreal ads are making me thirsty for budweiser
Peter Nicholson: Wow. Its getting worse
Eleftheria Parpis: much much painfully worse
Rob Schwartz: this the "music" themed one.
Barbara Lippert: and you had your red wig t here, rob!
Jason Karley: the "250k" one

10:40 p.m. ET

Peter Nicholson: And just in case you can't let go of the old pricelss campaign
Peter Nicholson: the real question is, would you feel compelled to buy a cadillac from this campaign.
Bob Moore: Only interesting part of Caddy is the client-induced logo at the top.
Jason Karley: does anyone remember the sylvania (?) print ad with that same headline as the cadillac ad?
Peter Nicholson: i don't get this cadillac campaign. it is such a great brand. iconic, yet we get this.
Barbara Lippert: what was the sylvania ad?
Eleftheria Parpis: no, what did it look like?
Rob Schwartz: the most impressive thing about this caddy campaign is the budget -- only the US gov't is spending more on Iraq.
Jason Karley: print. CA. "when you turn on the light in a room does it return the favor" (roughly from memory)
Rob Schwartz: I like the Caddilac campaign....when I saw it for Jaguar.
Peter Nicholson: Good memory
Rob Schwartz: what page Jason? c'mon, man, you're slipping!
Peter Nicholson: Gorgeous also with big type logo. hotter women
Barbara Lippert: a movie from kazakstan!

• OSCAR FOR BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM goes to The Counterfeiters from Austria.

Jason Karley: Haha. I'm really not suggesting it's ripped off. just unaware of what's been done
Peter Nicholson: Its borat's neighbor
Rob Schwartz: I'm pro anything that's anti-Nazi.
Jason Karley: I was jealous of it as a print ad at the rime
Jason Karley: time
Rob Schwartz: McDreeeeeeeemy
Barbara Lippert: he's versatile and handsome.
Peter Nicholson: Looks good in a tux
Rob Schwartz: so is Nadia Koninicii(sp?)
Eleftheria Parpis: versatile
Peter Nicholson: Nees a perfume spritzer to complete the ensemble
Eleftheria Parpis: like that
Bob Moore: I feel all oogie inside.
Barbara Lippert: where are the naked people?
Eleftheria Parpis: where's mcsteamy?
Rob Schwartz: Naked people? Best costumes??? Oh, Calcutta!

10:50 p.m. ET

Peter Nicholson: Its that little guy in the music box come to life
Eleftheria Parpis: that's funny
Rob Schwartz: Chinese food is here. Gonna have a bite to eat with the Missus and the kids. See you in a bit.
Barbara Lippert: this ``number'' blows!
Steve Bassett: barbara, you're not enchanted?
Bob Moore: The tracking shots really make this song come to life.
Barbara Lippert: oy!
Barbara Lippert: do you see the ad on top of essential apparel?
Todd Grant: jon travolta, with hair by G.I. Joe

• OSCAR FOR BEST SONG goes to "Falling Slowly" from the movie Once.

Peter Nicholson: Once was a good movie
Barbara Lippert: yeah! wig and sideburns not included!
Steve Bassett: Enchanted team has to be bummed
Peter Nicholson: Of course it did. The whole movie is abot centered around the song
Barbara Lippert: I can't believe they showed that Speilberg clip.
Barbara Lippert: too bad the six million didn't survive to see him win the OScar.r
Bob Moore: I'm going to try to convince the kids it's bedtime. Wish me luck. . .
Steve Bassett: The actress in sex lies and videotape in for laureal
Barbara Lippert: go to bed, kids!
Peter Nicholson: like that audi spot
Steve Bassett: i'm seeing altell
Barbara Lippert: yeah, the audi spot is memorable.
Todd Grant: interesting for insurance
Barbara Lippert: Liked that jaguar spot.
Peter Nicholson: Speaking of jaguar They should run that and the cadillac spot back to back and see if it felt like a sixty
Todd Grant: classy move by jon
Peter Nicholson: Very. Give him a standing o
William Gelner: not sure i get the farmers ad but i like it.
Todd Grant: me too! who said otherwise?!
Rob Schwartz: Audi good. Jag good. Insurance spot well done. Connection to Farmer's...tenuous.
Barbara Lippert: glad she said something about hope.
Peter Nicholson: I like that farmer's work
Barbara Lippert: we didn't get the farmer's stuff. w hich one ran?
Todd Grant: underwater circus spot, barbara
William Gelner: underwater cirque de solie
Barbara Lippert: thanks.

• OSCAR FOR BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY goes to There Will Be Blood.

William Gelner: btw, in hd, cameron diaz and edward james almos have a lot in common.
Peter Nicholson: We got bahamas tourism.
Barbara Lippert: like bad skin, will?
William Gelner: ding ding ding
Todd Grant: what did i tell you!
Peter Nicholson: Did she call it for there will be blood.
William Gelner: good call. janusz didn't need a 309th oscar anyway
Barbara Lippert: agreed that cinematography and production design were fantastic in TWBB..
Jason Karley: I. Drink. Your. MILKSHAKE.
Todd Grant: i believe she stole those earrings from daniel day lewis

11:00 p.m. ET

Peter Nicholson: Bet this ends on heath
William Gelner: i'm making mojitos. anyone want one?
Jason Karley: some brought "there will be blood orange belini's" to my party. love it.
Peter Nicholson: Freddy fields, a classic agent name
Steve Bassett: Good call, Peter
Rob Schwartz: speaking of passing, that's a sad story about the ECD from ddb.
Barbara Lippert: yeah, does anyone know more about it?
Peter Nicholson: Listerine should just go back to ooga chaca

11:10 p.m. ET


Todd Grant: what's with the gent from ddb?
Barbara Lippert: very apt to have a commercial for depression during this broadcast.
Jason Karley: very very tragic.
Barbara Lippert: what happened?
Todd Grant: depression, right after the memorium: probably not a coincidence
Peter Nicholson: head creative at ddb in chiicago committed suicide.
Eleftheria Parpis: its very very sad
Todd Grant: that is tragic
Barbara Lippert: gosh, that is sad. poor guy.
Rob Schwartz: Between paul and Ken Kaess it's been some tough times at ddb. Very sad.
Rob Schwartz: GI's doing the nominees...


Rob Schwartz: Ok, peeps. Sorry to bum you out.
Barbara Lippert: R.I.P, Paul.

• OSCAR FOR BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE goes to Taxi to the Dark Side.

Rob Schwartz: Thoughts and prayers to the Tilley family.
Barbara Lippert: yes.
Jason Karley: agreed.
Rob Schwartz: Good speech. "Let's turn away from the dark and return to the light."
Eleftheria Parpis: same here.
Rob Schwartz: Dove creamoil...speechless
Barbara Lippert: m & m funny!
Rob Schwartz: cute.
Peter Nicholson: dove yuck. m and m cute
Eleftheria Parpis: those guys still do it for me

11:20 p.m. ET

Barbara Lippert: yeah, what exactly about that dove spot made it the winner?
Rob Schwartz: American Airlines and Orbitzz doing the same thing kinda...
Barbara Lippert: what do you mean, Rob?
Peter Nicholson: Did mercedes steal the lexus guy vo for that spot
Eleftheria Parpis: the floating graphics thing?
Todd Grant: mercedes spots make it seem like the car is from 1991. old feeling, kinda reinforcing the new audi statement
Rob Schwartz: yes, the floating graphics.
Rob Schwartz: good pint, todd.
Rob Schwartz: i mean point. Thanks for the pint too. Cheers.
Peter Nicholson: Hate own an s class after seeing that
Rob Schwartz: Dove marks the nadir of the whole "consumer generated thing."
Peter Nicholson: Michael clayton

• OSCAR FOR BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY goes to Diablo Cody for Juno.

Todd Grant: juno!
Peter Nicholson: Cool. She's freaked out
Rob Schwartz: they should play the opening of "enter sandman" for her..
Todd Grant: nadir: i'm jealous of the word usage
Peter Nicholson: Nice tat.
Rob Schwartz: i'm a writer, bro. werds is all i gots.
Rob Schwartz: great speech!!!!!
Peter Nicholson: honest
Todd Grant: very emotional, great speech
Barbara Lippert: yah, finally something interesting.
Todd Grant: another nice one from MC
Barbara Lippert: yeah, I liked that MC
Todd Grant: for small business to boot
Rob Schwartz: Small business spots are tough!
Eleftheria Parpis: oh no more american living!
Peter Nicholson: Mastercard not bad. Like the animation, but I'm a softee for animated spots.
Steve Bassett: mc keeps trying to surprise and often succeeds
Barbara Lippert: that little girl stepping on the table is wearing the bruce weber head wrap! ewww!
Jason Karley: Is penney's going chapter 11 after tonight?
Todd Grant: i can smell these jc penney ads and they smell like tired...
Peter Nicholson: Jc Penny is really annoying. This campaign must have doen well in testing
Rob Schwartz: jc penney gets the oscar for the weakest work.
Jason Karley: they get the oscar for achievement in wasting money

11:30 p.m. ET

Peter Nicholson: Jc Penny definitely will not have any money left to advertise for the rest of the year after tonight.
Rob Schwartz: Let's review. Apple. Wii. Amex. Audi. MasterCard.. . on teh "dark" side, JCP and Dove.
Peter Nicholson: I bet the agency said these spots wold go viral ;)
Todd Grant: yea, kinda like hilary
Eleftheria Parpis: exactly rob
Rob Schwartz: Speaking of Hillary and not to get too political, but what's with Ralph Nader. Get on the Dem bus, man.
Barbara Lippert: yeah, we can blame everything on him.
Peter Nicholson: I say audi. between the superbowl and tonight, they actually have taken the most risk and made a statement.
Rob Schwartz: Eastern Promises was excellent.

• OSCAR FOR BEST ACTOR goes to Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood

Jason Karley: DANIEL PLAINVIEW!!!!!
Peter Nicholson: Wish Viggo would win. Bet he wished it was a different year
Peter Nicholson: duh.
Barbara Lippert: I've abandoned my ads!
Todd Grant: nadar has completely ruined any former molecules of credibility he once had. now just a sad narcicisst in permanent denial
Jason Karley: Incredible. nothing like the man in the movie. THAT is acting.
Barbara Lippert: yeah, his voice and affect is completely different.
Rob Schwartz: todd, you got some vocab for an art boy!
Todd Grant: audi is a confident brand making some nice cars
Barbara Lippert: what do we think of diet coke goind all this ``heart truth?''
Todd Grant: ha!
Rob Schwartz: diet all blah, blah blah to me tonite.
Todd Grant: i wish the work had more of a connection to the heart premise because it is an excllent cause
Peter Nicholson: Not hitting the heart strings. anybody go online to find out more yet...
Todd Grant: this carl's work actually makes me want to stop eating food
Rob Schwartz: not motivated enough, peter. but my son, Henry, showed me the logo on the can.
Jason Karley: i dislike ads that just send you to the real ad
Rob Schwartz: ha, todd!
Barbara Lippert: good point. no connection to diet coke.
Jason Karley: with the possible exception of bmw films. because they were first and great.

11:40 p.m. ET

Rob Schwartz: Land Rover "the one" spot. Um, huh?
Todd Grant: ballon guy for lanf rover. what?
Peter Nicholson: I'm sitting with a laptop doign this and I'm not even motivated to check it out.
Jason Karley: yeah, peter. I've been on IMDB 30 times and zero.
Todd Grant: king of the world, not a great call
Rob Schwartz: Another miss. Oscars is about missing opportunity. That's a theme tonite.
Rob Schwartz: Martin Scorses. Brought to you by American Express®
Todd Grant: martin scorcese. seriously, that man has absolutely amazing eyebrows
Barbara Lippert: yeah, we've lost the narrative thread!
Rob Schwartz: I'm workin it, lady!

• OSCAR FOR BEST DIRECTOR goes to Joel and Ethan Cohen for No Country for Old Men.

Rob Schwartz: Team Coen!
Steve Bassett: Walking off with two oscars toight!
Barbara Lippert: didn't they do a realy bad H&R Block commercial at the superbowl a few years back?
Peter Nicholson: No way. Cohen bros.
Rob Schwartz: and Honda.
Rob Schwartz: Joel is the talker.
Jason Karley: that's why he's got francias
Peter Nicholson: and a bunch of bank spots for soe local bank in nyc
Steve Bassett: Best picture?
Peter Nicholson: best pic should be no country since it won best screenplay and director
Jason Karley: my heart says blood, but i voted for country
Rob Schwartz: what about Norbit?
Barbara Lippert: yeah, no country.

• OSCAR FOR BEST PICTURE goes to No Country for Old Men.

Peter Nicholson: lost my oscar pool. Bet the farm on there will be blood.
Rob Schwartz: How happy is Josh Brolin. Now he's got a career.
Todd Grant: the movie without a hollywood ending won best picture. or even an ending at that. post post modern cinema has finally arrived!
Barbara Lippert: and no sound!
Rob Schwartz: great point, tood.
Rob Schwartz: sorry, TODD!
Peter Nicholson: Wait till next year when his next book , "the road" hits the theatres. talk about non-hollywood ending
Todd Grant: i'd rather have a pint rob but thank you nevertheless
Barbara Lippert: well, thank you everyone, for staying awake!
Rob Schwartz: That's it kids. Thanks. And the Oscar for the best blog goes to...Adweek.
Barbara Lippert: you were all great. sorry the show was so bad.
Steve Bassett: Thanks everyone. You made
Eleftheria Parpis: thanks everyone. you guys made it worth watching.
Rob Schwartz: good night. See you guys at the next Super Bowl.
Peter Nicholson: good night and good luck
Jason Karley: Yes. Thanks again for having me.
Tim Nudd: good night all, and thanks
Todd Grant: thank you all, kind of a weird show and ad thingie but always a pleasure to chat back & forth with you all. cheers!
Jason Karley: go see there will be blood. robbed!

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