Little French Maids Will Clean Your Tank, Says Gasoline Ad Pure class from McCann Bucharest

In Romania, gasoline brand Rompetrol keeps your engine clean like a horde of miniature, synchronized robot women wiggling and thrusting in skimpy French maid outfits. Because horny ad dudes in Romania are pretty sure that miniature, synchronized robot women wiggling and thrusting in skimpy French maid outfits will help sell gas to other horny dudes in Romania. Or at least, it will get them to watch an ad. It's Busby Berkeley meets every inside-the-engine oil-commercial animation ever. Its saving grace is its ridiculous low-budget pistons-firing-and-combustion computer graphics work, which help make it so absurd that it's impossible to take seriously. There's also that super-classy moment where one woman wipes—what exactly?—from the corner of her mouth, suggesting whatever. Agency: McCann Bucharest. Credits after the jump.

Client: Rompetrol
Agency: McCann Bucharest
Creative Director: Alexandru Aron
Director: Peter Dietrich
Director of Photography: Baldur Eythor Eythorsson
Editor: Andrei Iancu
Postproduction: Family Film
Music: Supreme Music

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Topics: Energy, Europe, McCann

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