Liquid-Plumr Lets the Hot Faucet Flow With Its Sexy Plumber Calendar A whole year's worth of 'deep in your pipe' innuendos

The Liquid-Plumr marketing team is following up its innuendo-filled, sexually charged "Double Impact" and "Need it Now" spots—both by DDB California—with a 2014 calendar dedicated to sexy plumbers

Each month features a hunky model-plumber with centerfold stats (May's guilty pleasure is sticky buns) and a short piece of copy on plumbing care, with the adjectives "thick" and "deep" used ad nauseam. 

It is, admittedly, a clever distraction from the actual fact that these products are for something completely unsexy: toilets and clogged drains.

"Only have 10 minutes? I only need 7 with Liquid Plumr Urgent Clear ... I'm a fan of quickies."

"Just put it [in] and let it do its thing."

"A 23-inch snake to reach deep in your pipe ..."

We get it. You mean sex.

The photography was shot by Patrick Fraser of Friend + Johnson.

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