Intel Wonders What You Would Do for a Free Ultrabook Challenges unlock notebooks

Intel recently created installations worldwide titled The Temptations that tempted people to do silly or time-consuming things in public to win an Intel Ultrabook. This "What would you do for a Klondike bar?" type of public exhibitionism is an excellent way to draw attention to your product in a crowded space. But Intel didn't stop at one outdoor gimmick—it did a whole series. In Thailand, home of Muay Thai kickboxing, the "Powerful Temptation" challenged people to punch a pad to unlock the notebook, and the "Persistent Temptation" gave the computer to the 9,999th person to ride an escalator one day. In Sydney, Australia, they buried the Ultrabooks in the sand and had people search for them, and in Melbourne, people had four minutes to persuade enough bystanders to help lift them up on a seesaw to grab a key. In Indonesia, people had to get excited enough for long enough to unlock the notebook, or in three other locations, smash some safety glass. Right now, the punching one is the most popular on YouTube. That's truly the whole point of these public demonstrations now, anyway—the video for all the people who weren't there.

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