If Bond villains made marketing plans

24b I always appreciate new spins on marketing, but allow me to indulge my inner codger for a minute and say this: Some of these newfangled integrated campaigns are giving me a headache. Today’s example is Sony’s Byzantine effort to spread buzz about 24: The Game. I’ve watched this explainer video quite a few times, and here’s my best take on how this works: 1) Get an e-mail from Sony with a link to a video. 2) Watch the video and get an e-mail with a link to another video. 3) Get a cigar box in the mail. 4) Look under false bottom of box to find a demo CD and a note from Kim Bauer. It’s even been “doused in her perfume.” Ugh. 5) Decode message on postcard. 6) Find code under stamp, taking you to ... 7) the aforementioned video about the marketing campaign. 8) Bash head into wall.

—Posted by David Griner

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