How an Adman Conquered Reddit With the World's Weirdest Fliers Whit Hiler explains himself

Tell us about the two impersonator fliers. Those are pretty confounding as well. Who would possibly need services like that?
One morning I read this ridiculous article on Complex magazine around the 10 most racist tweets against Asians from people that had seen the new Red Dawn movie over the weekend. For some strange reason, I thought it would be funny if an actual Asian guy marketed himself as an Asian impersonator. I found a stock photo of an Asian guy and made the flier. It hit the front page, too. [It got 750,000 views in 24 hours.]

I'm not sure who would possibly need services like that. I do know I invented that job. Hopefully it's making someone some money.

Finally, you've got the flier for masturbation lessons. Did anyone show up for that class? And why was that flier removed from Reddit?
No one showed up. I blacked out the location prior to putting it on Reddit. It was for a local gym, and I felt bad having an actual location listed. I bet someone would have shown up, though. No matter how strange the offering is, someone will always show up ready to party.

I'm not sure why it was removed from Reddit. I think it was just too hot for the Internet. Too absurd for even Reddit.

A lot of real fliers out there are very strange. What is it about them that's so oddly compelling? There's a sadness to them, isn't there?
There are some strange fliers out there. Just people looking to connect with other like-minded people. I'm not sure there's a sadness to them, except for the lost dog and missing person fliers. Those are really sad.

You've got a new project in the works. Can you tell us anything about it yet?
I've always got side projects in the works—typically several side-projects at a time. The best thing about creative side projects is there are no rules. I can do whatever I want, get as weird and as punk rock as I want. So yes, I've got a few things in the works.

I always like to keep things on the down low until I launch. It's too easy to get ripped off. You gotta protect your ideas.

We are still working to rebrand Kentucky. That's one big ongoing project we've been working on with Kentucky for Kentucky. That's been a lot of fun.

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