Giant Scavenger Hunt Scatters 707 Frames From a Mysterious Video in Ads All Over Japan The return of Haruhi

Happy hunting, indeed!

A staggering 707 unique illustrations of Haruhi Suzumiya, the anime icon, have been hidden on billboards, in magazines, and even handed out on the street all around Japan. Each one has a QR code and a number that lets you report your find over at, where fans are slowly filling in the film frame by frame with their snapshots—slowly giving shape to what appears to be a short anime teaser of Haruhi singing a song.

The incredible Web design lets you pinpoint the found locations and hear the song so far—with the missing bits scrubbed out. Fans have been hoping it's a teaser for the first Haruhi movie from Kyoto Animation since 2010. But it seems it could be teaser for a Sankyo pachinko game instead.

Still, it's a fun way to announce anything, and a truly herculean media buying effort.

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Topics: Anime, Japan, Creative

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