Five worst (and best) songs in commercials

Billboard makes its picks for the five all-time worst and five all-time best songs in commercials. I knew Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life," used incessantly for years by Royal Caribbean, would make one of the lists (it should probably top both), but who knew the Buzzcocks placed a song in an AARP ad? (OK, I guess Kiefaber did.) And who are the Buzzcocks, you ask? They're a seminal punk band. (In music-speak, "seminal" is code for "has-been.") On a vaguely related note, seminal grunge rockers Pearl Jam are doing a deal with Target in a last gasp for relevance. The retailer will carry the group's upcoming album, and there's every manner of cross-promotion. That would have to make a five-worst list of something, wouldn't it? Back in '68, Jim Morrison angrily turned down a car-commercial deal, or "Come on Buick, Light My Fire" would be the eternal chart-topper.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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