Farming is more fun than being with Gisele

Red_2 It’s a good thing Keseme Ole Parsapaet (seen here with Gisele Bündchen) is humble, because following this ad shoot for Product Red, he went right back to his Kenyan village, where celebrity is nice but doesn’t mean much. The media was charmed by Parsapaet, since he’s a farmer who cannot read or write (that doesn’t distinguish him from many supermodels, actually) and only wanted $5,000 for his services because he lives on $90 U.S. a month back home. He’s also dedicated to his way of life. “To be honest,” he tells the AP, “all I was thinking about when I was with [Bündchen] was my cattle and goats.” (If only DiCaprio could have been so honest.) Parsapaet did say Bündchen would be welcome in his village anytime, where they would celebrate by drinking milk with cow’s blood in it. Now there’s an episode of The Surreal Life waiting to happen.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

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