Expect the Unexpected While Riding in a Mini


Taxi2 in Toronto crafted self-consciously "wacky vignettes" in this Canadian campaign for the BMW Mini. In the best of the three spots, a guy hangs his head out the passenger window of a speeding Mini and "whoops" it up. His mustache and eyebrows fly off his face and on to a gal riding a scooter behind them. Both take this development in stride. The other two ads are after the jump. In one, a fat guy's man-boobs continue to jiggle even after his high-speed, tire-squealing, "Whoop! Whoop!" Mini ride ends. The driver pulls a great "disturbed" face, but I'm betting that deep down he's kind of intrigued. The man-baby buckled into a safety seat in the third spot personifies the target audience: immature, obnoxious men with nothing better to do than tear around town in Minis.

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Topics: Canada, Gianatasio, Mini, Taxi

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