Even Zombies Find Sexually Transmitted Diseases Horrifying, Particularly in Omaha Because death can't save you from the clap

Omaha, Nebraska, trends curiously high for STD rates. So, to lower instances of infection, Get Checked Omaha is doing its part to get people more interested in sexual health with videos like the new "STD Zombie."

Check it out here:

Yes, a rampaging zombie refuses to eat a local woman until she gets tested.

Are we weird for noticing the gender situation here before anything else? Is it possible to mansplain after death? Anyway, while we've been sick of zombies for years now, this video admittedly uses them well. They're a relevant comparison to STDs, and really, STDs are probably worse. You can kill a zombie as long as you have bullets, crossbow or sword. Herpes is much more stubborn.

Serve Marketing has done plenty of work in this area before, including a series of gnarly billboards in Omaha.

Agency: Serve Marketing
Creative Director: Gary Mueller
Director: Michael McCourt
Copywriters: Evan Stremke, Matt McNulty
Editor: John Elmendorf (Wonder Wonder)
Music + SFX: Peter Batchelder (Independent Studios)
Producer: Terri Burmester
Account Executive: Heidi Halperin

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