Earth to Echo Swings From E.T.'s Basket Even Harder in Bike Promo It's like 1982 again ... but with NBA stars

Just in case the trailer for Earth to Echo didn't immediately make you think back to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, this bike-filled promo will leave you with no doubt that the marketing strategy is rooted firmly in 1982.

While not a remake of E.T., Earth to Echo is nonetheless attempting to leverage parental nostalgia for the Steven Spielberg classic. Just listen to that inspirational John Williams-esque orchestral music! Just look at all those bikes!

And if you're not one for retro cinema references, they've also thrown in pro basketball players Ricky Rubio, DeAndre Jordan and Shawn Marion. The spot was created by Portal A for Relativity Media. The result is an odd mashup, especially for a movie. But people said the same about Spielberg's innovative product placement of Reese's Pieces, and that spawned a whole industry.


Producers: Jacob Motz, David Johnson
Directors: Nick Ligonis, Damon O'Steen
Director of Photography: Reuben Steinberg
Production Designer: Mollie Alexander
Editors: Max and Harry Frishberg
Executive Producers: Adam Alcabes, Nate Houghteling, Kai Hasson, Zach Blume

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