Diet Coke Finds Its New Stud, 19 Years After the Old One Andrew Cooper follows in Lucky Vanous's footsteps

He's the real thing. Meet Andrew Cooper, a British model whose shirtless turn as a soda stud in this Diet Coke 30th-anniversary commercial via BETC London is going viral and splashing Cooper's name, face and six-pack abs across the media-sphere. In the ad, which is running on European TV, Cooper, cast as a landscaper, gets a bunch of women all worked up after one of them rolls a can of Diet Coke down a hill in his direction and he pops the top, salaciously spraying himself with the product. Subtle! It's a somewhat more suggestive version of a 19-year-old ad from the brand (posted after the jump) that briefly catapulted Lucky Vanous to fame when he starred as a hunky construction worker ogled during his Diet Coke break by female office workers from a high-rise nearby. Etta James's "I Just Wanna Make Love to You" plays in both versions. In the 1994 spot, Vanous seems unaware of his white-collar voyeurs. In the update, one of the women demonstrates her can-do spirit by giving Cooper the "Drink up" motion, precipitating his Diet Coke shower.

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