Cheesy car-dealer spot slyly pitches 'Cars 2'

Cars N_ Deals of Emeryville Sale-A-Bration

This "Sale-A-Bration" spot for Cars 'N Deals of Emeryville is supposedly not an ad for a used-car dealer but a brilliant viral promo for Disney-Pixar's upcoming Cars 2, featuring various visual references to that film. It was directed by Chris Cantwell, who did last year's "Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear" spot for Toy Story 3. Well, slam on the brakes, because I say the spot is, in fact, exactly what it purports to be—an ad for a place that sells used cars! Check out slimy pitchman Stu: He's got a stuck-on moustache, likes to record his spiel on Watergate-era reel-to-reel audio tape, and dresses up in tiger suits. Seems like a genuine used-car dealer to me. Then there's the little futuristic robot that peeks out from beneath one of the clunkers. I mean, you can't visit a lot these days without tripping over one bot or another, am I right? As for the dude in the skin-tight ninja outfit who rises from a manhole and then dematerializes, well, I see him everywhere I go. He's in my kitchen right now making tea. Look, Lots-o-Huggin' Bear was branded a fake—but you can buy the stuffed animal! He's for real! My point: These days, "truth" is increasingly subjective, and even if it's not real yet, it will be soon. Now, excuse me while I go hit up Stu for a sweet deal on an '89 Capri. Or maybe a Lunar Rover.

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