Cavemen: on the rise, or on the decline?

Caveman_2 So, after reading a Wall Street Journal story yesterday about Anheuser-Busch’s latest campaign (“Inner Caveman Returns to Bud Light,” subscription only), I thought I might be on to a trend: the rise of caveman chic. Think about it. Geico scored a hit by offending cavemen. FedEx got nominated for an Emmy for having cavemen attempt to deliver packages in the pre-jet/pre-Nashville Memphis era. Three makes a trend, and the new Bud Light spots, featuring Zagar and Steve, would seem to be No. 3. Or is it? Despite the WSJ’s thesis, Zagar looks more like a South American tribesman than a Neanderthal proper. Plus, can it really be considered a new trend if AdFreak has been obsessing about it for almost a year already (witness here and here)? Too bad. I was all set with a Rob Becker joke.

—Posted by Aaron Baar

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