Cartoon caption contest backlash

NewyorkerThe New Yorker cartoon caption contest, introduced this year, has been lauded as a way to incorporate some input from normal folks into the famously stuffy institution. But now it's getting some blog backlash. Two recent anti-caption contests have come to light lately. This one takes a profanity ridden approach, and inspired the comment, "I'm so tired of that NY'er contest. It's stopped me from reading the backpage altogether." Another one, also a bit profanity laden, encouraged readers to come up with the least funny captions for a recent contest cartoon—which, paradoxically, provided sort of hilarious results. The cartoon shows a giant monster truck crushing an orchestra. The winner of the anti-cartoon caption contest: "There is a man pinned under this truck who requires immediate medical assistance. Someone please call for an ambulance. Please, before it's too late." Ha ha.

—Posted by Mae Anderson

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