British man denies affair in newspaper ad


The local newspaper ad is often the last resort for the wrongly accused. That appears to be the case with British man Patrick Byrne (not the Patrick Byrne who runs, a different one), who was recently kicked out of his home by his wife after a young female colleague claimed she'd had an affair with him. Byrne denies any infidelity, and decided to place an ad in the Sutton Coldfield News declaring his innocence and undying devotion to his wife. "I Patrick Byrne love my wife Sue Byrne and have always been faithful and will love you forever," he wrote. Byrne tells the Sunday Mercury: "It was my way of saying I didn't do anything wrong. The Sutton Coldfield News is our local paper, and I thought that would be the best place for it to go. When I get home from work I am dead on my feet, and I just wanted to do something nice." The ROI seems solid, as Sue has allowed Paddy back in the house. She still has "massive trust issues," but puts most of the blame on the younger woman. She tells the Mercury: "As far as I am concerned, she is a little slut."

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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