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No One Cares About Your Stupid Burrito Commercial

Except a dog and a toddler
  • February 3, 2014, 12:47 PM EST
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Millions of people across America rolled into the office a little late on Monday morning. After acknowledging the thrashing of the Denver Broncos, we got down to talking about the other game: the ads we liked, the ones we didn't and, well, that's about it.

Between those two categories are more than a few commercials no one remembers seeing, and that's the message behind Adobe Marketing Cloud's well-timed new spot. What is the real value of this kind of high-stakes marketing?

It opens on a familiar scene: A crowd gathered around a TV watching the Big Game. When play breaks and commercials begin—"Shh! Shh! Shh! The commercials are on!"—a score worthy of any Michael Bay movie cues up, and each entranced party-goer, in slo-mo, stops and turns toward the screen.

And just as soon as they see a huge burrito exploding into view on the TV (oddly reminiscent of last night's Subway spot), a device chirps and everyone picks up a phone or tablet, ignoring the rest of the ad. The only ones still paying attention to the Fuego Burrito commercial are the toddler and the dog.

Some details make this hilarious spot even funnier. Blink and you'll miss a pink bunny ears phone case, an obnoxious guy wearing an in-ear bluetooth and someone in the background taking peace-sign selfies. The commercial closes with the question, "Do you know what your marketing is doing?"

For Adobe, this is a solid follow-up to their post-Super Bowl ad from last year, where a talking chimp and horse discuss the absurdity of spending astronomical amounts on a game day ad, as well as the funny "Click, Baby, Click!" spot, where a baby repeatedly clicks an ad on a tablet screen and seemingly rejuvenates the entire encyclopedia publishing business.


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