April Fools' Day 2012: Best of the Brand Hoaxes Google, YouTube, Skype lead this year's pranks

• Every April Fools' Day, Think Geek test drives insane products, and if you like them enough, it makes them a reality. This year, you can enjoy Hungry Hungry Hippos for iPad, a technomancer wizard hoodie, Minecraft Marshmallow Creeps, and an Admiral Ackbar singing bass that mocks McDonald's famous Filet-O-Fish commercial.

• Virgin has announced Virgin Volcanic and says Tom Hanks will be accompanying Richard Branson on the first journey to the center of the Earth.

• Honda is offering the new Anti-Theft Negotiator, which negotiates with car thieves.

• BMW has a series of newspaper ads (yes, newspaper ads) and press releases announcing BMW's driverless running coach, an offer to build your own Mini from 29,762 parts, the Mini Camper, and the Mini Amphibious Yatchsman. See Mini's past gags here.

• Peugeot has a cooler car gag, with a nice video for its new mood paint. The color changes with your mood.

The Register is reporting that Apple has patented the rectangle. Which goes well with's report of a 42-inch iPad.

• Hawk and Gamble has announced Assassin's Creed for the Kinect.

• NPR is claiming that tweets will now be 133 characters.

• And what April Fools' Day would be complete without someone suggesting an alien invasion? Thanks, Digital Journal, for boring us.

• And finally, completing the list of low-tech products from high-tech marketers, Microsoft's Windows Phone proudly introduces the Windows Pager.

Also, check out some classic hoaxes from past years.

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