Apple's 'Get a Mac,' the Complete Campaign Hodgman and Long, ad characters for the ages


Click to view.January 2008. PC brings in a referee to make sure Mac plays by the rules and doesn't keep saying Leopard is better and faster than Vista. Mac says the Wall Street Journal said that. PC complains, but the referee sides with Mac ejecting PC, who has nowhere to go.

Time Machine37

Time Machine
Click to view.January 2008. The first spot in the campaign to truly focus on a Mac feature. Instead of one Mac, we see 10, who represent Time Machine, a Leopard feature that regularly backs up your hard drive. PC admit it's awesome, and receives a load of thank yous.


Click to view.April 2008. The therapist from 2006's "Counselor" ad is back. This time, she tells PC that he's not to blame for his problems—that it's the result of clunky software and hardware. "It's not my fault!" PC keeps repeating, but then his breakthrough is compromised when he says, "It's Mac's fault!"

Office Stress39

Office Stress
Click to view.April 2008. As Microsoft Office 2008 is released for the Mac, PC gives Mac a stress toy for him to use when he gets overwhelmed. But in fact it's PC who is overwhelmed by stress over Mac's ability to run the Office software, and he puts the stress toy to good use himself.


Click to view.April 2008. Continuing the stress theme, PC is seen doing yoga to try to relax after a tough year of dealing with that "bad Vista energy." But the yoga instructor complains that Vista screwed up her billing practices, and she storms off. PC considers switching to pilates.


Click to view.May 2008. PC attends a support group for PCs living with Vista. The other PCs there tell him to take it one day at a time. One of them seems to be doing well, and says he's been error-free for a week. But then he repeats the line over and over, clearly needing to be rebooted.

Pep Rally42

Pep Rally
Click to view.May 2008. Hodgman takes one for the team, as PC becomes a cheerleader, ready to "fight, fight fight!" as Mac gains popularity on college campuses. But the cheerleaders cheer, "Mac's No. 1!" After PC complains, they cheer, "PC's No. 2!"

Sad Song43

Sad Song (Short)
Click to view.May 2008. (Short version.) PC says Vista has him feeling down, so he sings a short country song called the "Vista Blues." Mac doesn't want to hear it, but PC goes ahead anyway. (Long has a pretty funny reaction shot during the song.) A hound dog howls at the end, which Mac admits is a nice touch.

Sad Song (Long)
Click to view.(Long version.) This extended version has more verses and brings back the profile camera angle not seen since the first batch of spots in 2006. At the end, Mac asks PC if the dog is his. It isn't.

Calming Teas44

Calming Teas
Click to view.August 2008. Hitting the stress theme yet again, PC says he's come up with a line of calming teas to make things a little easier for PC users frustrated by Vista's annoyances. Mac says they should move on to some other topic. So, PC also introduces some new bath salts.

Off the Air45

Off the Air
Click to view.August 2008. A Mac Genius says it's easier than ever to switch to a Mac, as Apple can switch a PC's files to a new Mac for free. PC objects to this news, saying, "Fear of switching is the foundation of customer loyalty for PCs." He pulls a cover over the camera and says they're off the air.

Pizza Box46

Pizza Box
Click to view.August 2008. PC tries to attract college students returning to school by posing as a free box of pizza. He mentions once again that Macs are the No. 1 notebook on college campuses, but figures if he masquerades as free pizza, he still has a shot.


Click to view.August 2008. Sitting in a king's robes on a throne, PC says he isn't worried about losing his "subjects" because switching computers is such a hassle. Mac reminds PC that Apple can switch a PC user's files over to a Mac for free. PC then declares Mac banished.

Bake Sale48

Bake Sale
Click to view.October 2008. The first of two spots criticizing Microsoft for airing the expensive "I'm a PC" ad campaign instead of spending the money to fix Vista. PC tries to raise his own money for a Vista fix by having a bake sale. He gets Mac to bite into a cupcake, then says it costs $10 million.

Bean Counter49

Bean Counter
Click to view.October 2008. Continuing the theme of "Bake Sale." PC is seen doing some budgeting, but he allocates the vast majority of the money to advertising rather than fixing Vista. Mac says the ratios seem off, and PC agrees, reallocating the Vista money to advertising.

V Word50

V Word
Click to view.October 2008. PC says a decision has been made to stop referring to the troubled Vista operating system by name, calling it simply "Windows" instead. He uses a red buzzer to interrupt Mac whenever he tries to say the word Vista, but has trouble when Mac says it a few times fast.

I Can Do Anything51

I Can Do Anything
Click to view.December 2008. Animated Mac and PC return, and PC is pleased, because he can do anything, like talk to animals. A bunny hops past, and PC asks where he's going. Off to the Apple Store for some last-minute gifts, says the bunny. PC responds by dumping a snowman head on him.

Tree Trimming52

Tree Trimming
Click to view.December 2008. Animated Mac and PC are seen decorating a Christmas tree. Much as they did in 2006's "Goodwill," they appear to be setting aside their differences in the spirit of the holidays. But once again, PC ruins it, this time by writing "PC Rules" in lights on the tree.

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