Another Glimpse at the Super-Cool iPhone of the Future Imaginary features again outpacing the real ones

Apple products may offer cutting-edge design and functionality, but it's not cutting-edge enough—at least according to the digital designers who keep making snazzy videos imagining currently unachievable prototypes. Aatma Studio does this a lot, giving us salivatory glimpses of next-generation iPhones and iPads, both of which are surely cooler than the real things will be for some time. In that spirit, have a look at the video below, from Mike Ko, imagining an iPhone with a 3-D holographic display. It will be years before we'll be able to play games and watch movies in three dimensions without special glasses on a mobile device. But it sure looks like fun. The effect of these videos on the marketer itself is probably a mixed bag. It certainly helps to model a vision of what's possible or at least desirable, but it risks making the actual products somewhat disappointing upon arrival. Via Adverblog.

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