Agency site offers up its homage to Miley

RedmileyFor all the talk of fancy-schmancy agency site redesigns lately, I'm far more impressed with this limited-time reskinning of That’s Creative Media Strategist Rachel Timmerman posing à la Miley in the agency lobby. Philadelphia-based Red Tettemer occasionally switches up the look of its front page, and this week it appears they caught the Cyrus virus with a beautiful shot by photographer Chris Sembrot. I e-mailed Timmerman about the homage, and it sounds like she’s just yet another young starlet being steamrolled by an industry of sweet-talking jackals. “I was enjoying a private moment ideating when someone snapped this shot,” Timmerman said. “At first I was nervous and a little embarrassed — but now that I've seen it, I think it's really artsy, know...skanky. If this proves controversial, I know my support team and my faith will help me through this journey.”

—Posted by David Griner

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