After ad beef, BK apologizes yet again

BK One of the week's oddest marketing stories played out with Burger King apologizing for posters showing the goddess Lakshmi after the Hindu American Foundation called the ad "highly disrespectful and offensive to Hindus worldwide." The poster, which appeared only in Spain, showed Lakshmi hovering over food with the phrase "la merienda es sagrada" ("the snack is sacred"). So let me lay this on the line for you: an American foundation took issue with an ad that appeared in a grand total of three restaurants—in Spain. And the global news media didn't exactly set new standards for accuracy. Some outlets reported that she's eating or about to eat the sandwich. Even the U.K.'s Telegraph, which published a picture of the ad with its coverage, claimed she's munching on the treat. Though it appears to be a ham and cheese sandwich here, it's reported as a burger—which is bad, since Hindus have this thing about cows. What's more, the press dredged up BK's Texican Whopper controversy from April where a midget wrestler wore a Mexican flag cape and Mexico was all like, "Oh no, you didn't!" Thanks to the Internet, local ads can now offend the global community. If only it was as useful at spreading ads when there wasn't any controversy. Speaking of controversy, who could forget BK's last tempting bite?

Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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