As advertising stars, monkeys never get old


Publicis's current Garnier Fructis campaign is amusing, but the ad below, with the dandruff-eating monkey, doesn't go nearly far enough. Am I alone in waiting for the little furry fiend to gnaw off the big flaky fiend's ears and eat them? And possibly his brains as well? Now that would be a Cannes winner. See two more spots from the series after the jump.
  Despite the complaints of hairless animal-rights liberals, non-human primates (real, animatronic or otherwise) rarely fail to please in advertising, and 2010 has been a banner year for them:
  • Dog and monkey maintain long-distance friendship via PCs, befoul keyboards with drool, shedding, beastly excretions. (Toshiba)
  • Metaphorical monkey on guy's back grows enormous, craves hot wings, doesn't leave a tip. (Chicken Licken)
  • Again, monkeys on people's backs, this time lighting their cigarettes. Hey, those are helper monkeys! (Quit Plan)
  • Amorous King Kong-type comes on to faux Fay Wray, whose biggest concern is his dirty hands. Lady, he's an ape! Imagine what the kids will look like. (Green Cross Hand Sanitzer)
  • Apes are homeless and living on the streets. Strange, since so much advertising work is available. (Born Free)
  • Invisible monkey. (Dodge)
  Bottom line: Everything really is better with a gorilla, even a blog post that's devolved into link bait.

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