Ads for Comedy Central's Kroll Show Imagine the Dumbest Awards Show Ever But you'd still probably watch

With those saucy Two Broke Girls hosting and a category that pits the Bible against Sharknado, the People's Choice Awards, airing live Wednesday night on CBS, should be a hoot. No, not really. It'll be a snoozefest. For a much more entertaining time, check out the Kroll Choice Awards, a Comedy Central-produced set of digital promos hyping the Jan. 14 second-season return of sketch comedy-based Kroll Show.

The videos feature star-writer-producer Nick Kroll's coterie of ridiculous characters in a glitzy awards show setting, complete with a J. Law tumble up the stairs, lord-and-savior shout outs, prodigious bling and false modesty. The cable channel execs said they wanted to trot out as many Kroll creations as possible, like gigolo Bobby Bottleservice and white-trash homie C-Czar, treating the characters' shows-within-a-show like award-worthy contenders. Alas, their statues are only make-believe.

Kroll Show, known for its star cameos, will continue its relationship with Hollywood's honored crowd in Season 2 with the likes of Amy Poehler, Will Forte, Seth Rogan, Lizzy Caplan and Zach Galifianakis.

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