AdFreak's Top 50 Stories of 2011: No. 30-21 Tiny giraffes, the worst ad campaign of the year, and Jennifer Aniston strips for Smartwater

It's been a crazy year on AdFreak. This week, we're counting down the 50 most-read stories on the blog in 2011 (not counting the features shown in the sidebar). We continue today with No. 30 down to No. 21. Check back all this week as we count down to No. 1.

'Take This Lollipop' Gives You a Lovely Facebook Stalker30
Pets Try to Figure Out Their Owners in Adoption Ads29
Tiny Giraffes From DirecTV Ads Now for Sale28
Starbucks Officially Switches to Its New Logo27
How You Act When You're Drunk vs. How You Think You Act26
Find Your Canine 'Doggelganger' With This Pedigree App25
Jennifer Aniston Goes Topless in Smartwater Ad24
1920s NYC Subway Train Back in Service for 'Boardwalk Empire'23
Art Director Makes Wife Nerdiest Yet Coolest Gift Ever22
Worst Ad Campaign of the Year? Sheets Energy Strips21

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