Ad Chiding Poo Throwers Turns Out to Be a Fake Someday they'll get their comeuppance, but not today

A bizarre anti-drug ad from a Belfast bus shelter is making the rounds on Reddit, popular blogs and social networks. The Lichtenstein-esque image shows a young woman lamenting: "I was high on acid and started throwing my poo at people. Now my friends won't talk to me." The kicker at the bottom summarizes the moral: "Throwing your own poo. It's not a good look." So, is this a stellar example of a PSA cutting through the clutter with an attention-grabbing line? Uh, no. It's an anti-litter ad that's been doctored (either by Photoshop or a graffiti artist, it's unclear which). The original ad, which you can see here, says, "I chucked away my crisp packet … now my friends have chucked me!" The tagline: "Littering. It's not a good look." So, feel free to be the buzzkill when you see friends sharing the fake image on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Just remember that Snopes-ing your friends is appreciated about as much as flinging feces at them. Full image after the jump.

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