40 Strangest Agency Names, and Where They Came From The stories behind the industry's most oddly named shops

Creature30 Location: Seattle
Matt Peterson, principal and creative director, tells AdFreak: "When you say Creature, no two people have the same vision come to them. It's undefined and often never before seen. That sentiment goes into every project, client and solution we work on. Each its own 'Creature.' Each uniquely built to the business issue we are trying to solve. We are the Creature the problem requires. Our name also allows us to become a slightly different company than we were the day before, morphing to new places where creativity is needed."

Lean Mean Fighting Machine29 Location: London
Explanation: This agency is one of the few to post a list of other names the founders considered. The also-rans included 10-4 Rubber Duckie and You Wouldn't Like Us When We're Angry.

High Heels & Bananas28 Location: Philadelphia
Explanation from the site: "The name evolved from three guys and a girl fantasizing about starting their own agency. They wanted a name that was sophisticated, but fun. Something that would get people talking. So, bananas is your funny, high-heels is your sophistication. May not make sense, but it worked."

Blammo Worldwide27 Location: Toronto
Explanation: Chairman Alan Gee sent AdFreak some background on the shop's recent rebranding from the name Gee Jeffery & Partners Advertising: "Blammo stood out to us for a number of reasons. It was surprising and impactful. It felt like that moment when you hit on a fabulous idea and know you've hit the bull's-eye. But most of all, it summed up our philosophy: less Bla (as in boring) and more Ammo (as in bigger and better ideas across the board)."

Omobono26 Location: Cambridge, England
Explanation: Co-founded by a priest, the agency was named for Saint Homobonus, also known as Sant'Omobono. Why they didn't go with Homobonus, we'll never know.

The Chopping Block25 Location: New York
Explanation: Co-founder Thomas Romer says the name came from a brainstorming session for a friend's recording studio in New York's Meatpacking District. "I threw out a few meatpacking/studio names that would seem appropriate. There was 'Meat Sounds Recording Studio,' 'Prime Cuts' and 'The Chopping Block.' When I said it, (co-founder Mike Essl's) eyes perked up and he remarked, 'That's good.' I thought it was pretty clever and fitting for a recording studio, too. Mike said, 'Yes, but maybe we should take that.' "

Captains of Industry24 Location: Boston
Explanation from the site: "Many people ask, 'How did you come up with the name?' After leaving the corporate world, [founder Ted] Page was determined to start a company and felt he needed a memorable name. He went to bed thinking about names, and woke up in the morning with the answer: 'Captains of Industry!' The name is yet another example of the power of dreams and the capacity of our minds to be creative when we are unconscious."

The Glue Society23 Location: Surry Hills, Australia
Explanation: This Australian "creative collective" has generally sidestepped any attempt to define who they are, or even what they do, though they've received international acclaim for everything from book design to video production to lingerie ads. Our request for info on their name went unanswered.

Farm22 Location: London
Explanation from the site: "When we set up in 1999, we had a simple ambition: to create communications collaboratively. The big agency world was frustrating us. It seemed the work was all about 'the agency' and not 'the idea.' So we created Farm and a fresh way of working."

Adam & Eve21 Location: London
Explanation: At the time of the agency's launch in 2008, co-founder James Murphy told Campaign magazine, "Our name reflects the belief that when you bring different talents together, amazing things happen."

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