34 Apple Commercials Starring Celebrities Zooey and Sam are the latest in a long line of personalities

Kelly Slater11

Spot: "Kelly Slater (Switchers)" • Product: Mac
Airdate: 9/26/02

Tony Hawk12

Spot: "Tony Hawk (Switchers)" • Product: Mac
Airdate: 9/26/02

Yo Yo Ma13

Spot: "Yo Yo Ma (Switchers)" • Product: Mac
Airdate: 9/26/02

Will Ferrell14

Spot: "Will Ferrell (Switchers)" • Product: Mac
Airdate: 10/3/02

Will Ferrell15

Spot: "Parfait (Switchers)" • Product: Mac
Airdate: 10/3/02

De La Soul16

Spot: "De La Soul (Switchers)" • Product: Mac
Airdate: 10/25/02

Will Ferrell17

Spot: "Santa (Switchers)" • Product: Mac
Airdate: 12/12/02

Yao Ming and Verne Troyer18

Spot: "Big and Small" • Product: Mac
Airdate: 1/23/03


Spot: "The Band (Silhouettes)" • Product: iPod + iTunes
Airdate: 11/20/04


Spot: "Detroit (Silhouettes)" • Product: iPod + iTunes
Airdate: 10/11/05

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