The 20 Most-Viral Ads of 2012 (So Far) You'll laugh, you'll cry. But most of all, you're likely to share

It's only the middle of May, but already we've had some runaway viral hits in advertising this year. Unruly Media, which runs the global Viral Video Chart, has just released a list of the most-shared ads of 2012 (so far). We've posted the top 20 below. It's a varied group of spots—with dancing and singing, cursing and fainting, running and good old-fashioned pitching. President Obama even makes an appearance. Check out the full list after the jump. And don't resist the urge to share.


Snobby ad people largely despise flash mobs and/or spontaneous dancing as a way of driving video views. But the public continues to eat it up. This insufferable Finnair spot captures footage of some extremely energetic people congratulating India on Republic Day in January—by dancing like maniacs.


DollarShaveClub CEO Michael Dubin starred alongside warehouse sidekick Alejandra and a guy in a bear suit in this infectious spot from March that quickly became a sensation. The ad, like the razors, was pretty f***ing great.

Nike Running18

There was something mildly nauseating about this Nike Running spot from April featuring the woman who runs across America, singing all the way, for the love of her poor, weak man (who ends up in hospital long before meeting her in the middle). But online, the spot sure had legs.

Tic Tac17

Oh look, a flash mob. In this French spot from April, scores of actors pretended to pass out when confronted with people who had "the worst breath in the world." Tic Tacs eventually came to the rescue.


Using an elaborate LED costume, the automaker built an "invisible" car in March to promote its zero-emission technology. One of the year's better tech stunts.


The Tipp-Ex hunter and bear, stars of a viral smash in 2010, returned with a bang in April. To help the pair escape a flying meteor, viewers were urged to change the year in the interactive YouTube interface to more than 40 hilarious scenarios. A sequel for the ages—quite literally.


In March, the French jeweler stormed three major networks in prime time with an audacious media buy—presenting this fantastical three-and-a-half minute spot that reimagined the brand's 165-year history as a diamond jungle cat's adventures through space and time. An absurd and lavish treasure, beautifully crafted—even if, you know, it made no sense.


The first of three Super Bowl spots on this list (to go along with one Super Bowl teaser), this Honda spot famously featured Matthew Broderick reprising his classic Ferris Bueller character in a pitch for the CR-V. What did viewers think? They bought it.


Another 2012 Super Bowl spot, this was Volkswagen's highly anticipated follow-up to "The Force," its universe-conquering ad from 2011. "The Dog Strikes Back" was cute, even if it didn't quite match the subtle storytelling and clever payoff that made "The Force" (the most-shared commercial of all time) such a delight.


With post-revolution Tunisia competing in the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations soccer tournament, Coca-Cola crafted this anthem in January with the help of musical group Sli Lemhaf. The song—about forgetting the fear of oppression—became the Tunisian team's official anthem.

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