10 Best Celebrity Computer Ads of the 1980s

Most celebrity-backed technology commercials of the 1980s were pretty terrible. These 10 were pretty awesome. Or at least, in some cases, awesomely terrible.

Dick Cavett10

Advertiser: Apple
Why would such a bright guy ever sign up to portray himself as a sexist throwback from the 1950s?
Dick Cavett'

Jack Black9

Advertiser: Atari's 'Pitfall'
A comedic legend in the making. And in a pith helmet.
Jack Black'

King Kong Bundy8

Advertiser: Headstart Computer
You can just picture the pro wrestler putting emphasis on a different word with each take. He obviously settled on "unsuspected."
King Kong Bundy'

George Plimpton7

Advertiser: Intellivision
Truly one of the strangest endorsement partnerships of all time.
George Plimpton'

Phil Hartman6

Advertiser: 'Ice Hockey' by Activision
Phil Hartman'

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