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Chobani Dresses Dogs Up in Costumes in Adorable Ad for Halloween How can you go wrong?

Petco had a whole Halloween contest around dressing up pets this month, but you don't have to be a pet brand to get in on that action. Droga5 did this cute ad for Chobani, featuring pooches in their Halloween costumes—while enjoying the treat that is Chobani yogurt.

Check out the video below. Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2014, 9:26 PM EDT

Asics Salutes 500 NYC Marathon Runners by 3-D Printing Statues of Them And the social tie-in on Sunday will be just as amazing

Asics and ad agency Vitro always do something special around the New York City Marathon, whether it's having people race against a virtual Ryan Hall in the subways or daring you to remain upright on the treadmill from hell.

But this year, they've outdone themselves with an awesome campaign that's both physically and virtually magical.

The running shoe brand always honors runners, and this year it's doing so in classic style—by making little statues of them. It asked everyone who entered the marathon to send in 2-D front and side head shots. Then it hired a team of artists to turn the 2-D images into printable 3-D files, creating small yet life-like statues for each runner. (It was capped at 500 statues, first come first served.)

That's cool enough. But on race day this Sunday, it gets cooler.

Vitro photographed each statue in three different landmark locations along the course. Then its digital team linked the photos with each runner's Facebook account and his or her RFID race timing and tracking chip. So, when the runner passes each landmark in real life, a photo of the mini-marathoner statue passing that same landmark will auto-post to the runner's Facebook account in real time—providing midrace updates to family and friends.

But that's still not all. The 500 statues were booked in less than eight hours, and lots of runners were left out. So, Vitro is also holding a Twitter marathon. Any runner in the real race can enter, and for every tweet on their behalf, Vitro will advance them along a digital marathon course. The first 50 runners to finish will get their statues made as well. You can visit to sign up.

It's great stuff all around from a brand that keeps improving its time every year.

More images, plus credits, below.

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October 31, 2014, 2:24 PM EDT

The Best Video Ever About the Sheeplike Insanity of Real-Time Marketing John St. introduces Reactvertising™

Ever feel like real-time marketing is all about being first, and not about being good?

You're not alone.

John St., the Toronto agency that regularly produces scathing parody videos about the ad business, just released the hilarious video below about the breakneck pace of marketing today—and how every brand feels the need to react to real-time events within minutes.

As it did with Catvertising™, John St. is now pretending to be running a whole new dedicated unit called Reactvertising™, where it goes to absurd lengths to make sure its clients are clued into current events 24/7 and can react within seconds—indeed, knee-jerk-like—to breaking news.

"Does your agency take hours to respond to the latest trending hashtag or celebrity death?" John St. asks. "Is your brand missing out on being part of the conversation because you're reacting too slow?"

Watch below and see how to get quicker, quality be damned.

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October 31, 2014, 1:10 PM EDT

This Outfit Designed to Help Change Clothes in Public Is at 2,000% of Its Kickstarter Goal The Undress brilliantly solves a common problem

With a tagline like "Change clothes in public without ever getting naked," The Undress has a pretty clear sales proposition, and people are lining up in droves to hand the apparel startup their money.

The "mobile changing room" had a Kickstarter goal of $22,000, but when the campaign ends tomorrow, the final tally will be closer to half a million dollars.

The problem The Undress is designed to solve—working out and attempting to change into normal clothes without treating your car or gas station restroom as a fitting room. The solution—a dress that you wear that allows you to change without having to do that weird "how many seconds do I have to put my underwear on before someone walks in on me" dance. You'll have to watch the video for the demonstration, but it's an ingenious idea. 

At first glance, I wonder how big the market is for people who want to change into clothes without showering after a workout, but $468,000 raised probably answers that question for me. 

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October 31, 2014, 12:10 PM EDT

What Makes a Great Creative Director? Here's How 10 of Them Answered That Question Thoughts on leadership and protecting the idea

Ask what makes a great creative creative director, and you'll probably get as many different answers as there are creative directors.

The 3% Conference recently went around asking a bunch of cds about their role, and compiled answers from 10 of them in the video below. Hopefully it's useful.

The video was produced by the Pitch Agency in Los Angeles, and promotes the 3% Conference CD Bootcamp on Nov. 4.

Directors: Rob Schwartz, Pitch CCO Xanthe Wells
Producer: Esther Gonzalez
Editor: Nathan Connella
Production Company: Bicep

October 31, 2014, 12:08 PM EDT

Santa 'Sleighs' Dracula in Betabrand's Murderous Video Game About Christmas Creep Kringle cannot be stopped

Betabrand satirizes Christmas creep in its first video game, Santa Sleighs Halloween, as you play as Mr. Claus armed with a blunderbuss and a candy cane shiv. Your mission? To make sure no fall holiday is safe from the encroaching consumerism of the season. Clothing retailer Betabrand created the game "to lampoon the early onset of holiday sales—a retail trend that will surely morph Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas into a three-headed shopping Cerberus."

Which it is indeed. All my local stores started putting out their Christmas crud weeks ago. It does seem that no matter how many times consumers complain about holiday creep, stores just can't help themselves.

At least Betabrand knows what's up. They hired digital agency Bradley and Montgomery to create the game, in which Kris Kringle kills mummies, werewolves, witches, zombies, vampires and Frankenstein in an unholy quest to become the one true holiday.

And it's more than just a game. When you play, you can unlock deal codes and humorous specials. So, if you want some sweet swag from Betabrand, be prepared to plunge your candy cane stake right into Dracula's heart.

October 31, 2014, 11:33 AM EDT

Hootsuite's Great Halloween Ads Try to Calm Your Fears About Social Media Fun horror-movie parodies

It's that time of year again, when we can escape our average selves, don clever costumes and get all hopped up on Fireball shots—I mean, gummy worms. And it's always pretty fun to see what brands do to celebrate, because when they're good, they can be really good.

Social media aggregation site Hootsuite has done itself proud with a great series of horror-movie parody posters, produced in-house. Take a look below and see what happens when scary movies are monster-mashed with social-media themes. (And keep a sharp eye, because two of these are actually sneaky GIFs.)

Via Ads of the World.

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October 31, 2014, 10:26 AM EDT

1960s Adman Makes a Hilarious and Obscene Visit to a Modern Agency (NSFW) This guy makes Don Draper look classy

We've already seen how Joan Harris (aka, Christina Hendricks) might adjust to life at a modern ad agency. Well, this guy is way more of a train wreck.

Canadian ad agency Zulu Alpha Kilo put together this crazy video for Wednesday's Agency of the Year event in Toronto. It's hilarious, if you don't mind a little nudity, profanity and off-color humor.

It took some balls to make this. Well, one nasty, hairy, protruding ball.

Credits below.

Video is NSFW for various reasons, but watch it anyway.

UPDATE: Also, it seems Dick collected Zulu Alpha Kilo's silver hardware for Digital Agency of the Year on stage at last night's event:

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October 31, 2014, 9:00 AM EDT

Real Beauty? Nah, Victoria's Secret Would Rather Celebrate the 'Perfect Body' Brand's play on words comes off tone-deaf

Victoria's Secret is under fire for its newest bra campaign featuring the tagline "The Perfect 'Body,'" suggesting on first glance that these women have it, and you probably don't.

More than 10,000 people have signed a U.K. petition calling for Victoria's Secret to "apologise for and amend the irresponsible marketing of your new bra range 'Body.'"

"Victoria’s Secret’s new advertisements play on women's insecurities and send out a damaging message by positioning the words 'The Perfect Body' across models who have exactly the same, very slim body type," the petition notes. "This marketing campaign is harmful. It fails to celebrate the amazing diversity of women’s bodies by choosing to call only one body type 'perfect.'"

Of course, the brand isn't literally saying its models have the perfect body. It's a play on words with the popular "Body" line of bras, and the ad copy clarifies: "Perfect fit. Perfect comfort. Perfectly soft."

But at a time when unrealistic body images are such a controversial topic, this tagline has understandably sparked some fires in social media:

This year we've seen quite a few female-focused brands toss aside the whole idea of perfection. Aerie refused to Photoshop models, ModCloth pledged to be transparent about retouching, Dear Kate focused its underwear campaigns on "real women," so one has to wonder if Victoria's Secret just made a tone-deaf misstep or actively decided to troll the competition.

October 30, 2014, 5:50 PM EDT

Netflix's Fun Outdoor Ads Use 100 Awesome GIFs From Shows and Movies And some of them are even responsive

GIFs have left the nest!

The digital video files first made a jump to TV a while back, thanks to Fiat. And now they've ventured all the way outside in a fascinating Netflix campaign from Ogilvy Paris.

For the streaming service's launch in France, the agency created 100 different GIFs, some of which "reacted" to current events and even things like the weather (for example, a rainy scene from a film when it's actually raining at a bus stop).

People who hate GIFs will surely be appalled at this. And yes, it's a little jarring to see the hypnotic-looping videos running on large formats outside. But they're undeniably eye-catching in ways that other digital video just isn't.

Check out the case study below.

October 30, 2014, 3:29 PM EDT


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