Denny's Offers to Partner With Burger King, Since McDonald's Is Being a McChicken The continuing quest for a hybrid hamburger

For something proposed as a peace offering, this McWhopper idea from Burger King sure seems to be escalating the burger wars.

Last night, Denny's blitzed its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts with the proposal to partner with Burger King on creating "a Slampper© or a Whammper© or a Whoppaslamus-rex© or something." 

The diner chain is volunteering as tribute in these hunger games to take the place of McDonald's, which meekishly declined Burger King's invitation this week to create a McWhopper in honor of Peace Day.

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August 28, 2015, 9:35 AM EDT

This Clever Amnesty Campaign Imprisons Your Cursor Within a Banner Ad 11% of viewers signed group's petition

Sometimes an ad idea just doesn't get the reach it deserves, and this is certainly one of those times.

Polish agency The Digitals created a little-seen banner/pop-up ad last year that asked site visitors, "Do you want to dissolve the government?" Hovering over the response button would then lock the user's cursor into the ad, which displays the message, "In Belarus, you would go to prison for that."

The ad then released the cursor and asked the viewer to sign a petition to similarly release human rights advocate Ales Bialiatski, who eventually walked free last summer. 

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August 27, 2015, 10:43 AM EDT

McDonald's Wouldn't Create the McWhopper, So I Did, and It's an Abomination What happened when we called Burger King's bluff

"Please...kill me..."

As a wise Jeff Goldblum once put it, we were so busy wondering if we could, we didn't ask if we should.

Well I'm here to tell you: No. No we should not.

Burger King deserves credit for its masterful PR move this morning of running full-page newspaper ads offering to partner with mega-rival McDonald's on a McWhopper, created in celebration of Peace Day.

This beefy olive branch was described as "the tastiest bits of your Big Mac and our Whopper, united in one delicious, peace-loving burger."

Sadly, the world will never know what such a combination might have looked or tasted like, because McDonald's quickly declined the invitation. 

But it was too late for those of us at Adweek, who were already obsessing over this mythological beast of a burger.

As for me, I'm a man of action. So I texted an accomplice, drove to Burger King and then headed across the street to McDonald's. Bags in hand, we settled in at a nearby park and commenced with our foray into forbidden science.

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August 26, 2015, 5:53 PM EDT

A Bluetooth Speaker Becomes a Bee-Whispering Device in This Ad for a British Audio Brand Looks like a hive, sounds like a hive

Here's an unusual way to sell a consumer audio product: Stick a microphone inside an active beehive.

In this three-minute (headphones recommended) ad for Bowers & Wilkins, sound recordist Sam Nightingale captures audio of bees at work, and then plays it back to them through the brand's T7 Bluetooth speaker, which features a honeycomb trim, to see how they respond.

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August 26, 2015, 2:43 PM EDT

Drought-Stricken SoCal Battles Wasteful Habits With a Water-Themed Pandora Station Time your showers to tunes

The 'Water Lover's Station' features conservation ads and H20-themed music.

This is the soundtrack of our dry-weather lives in Southern California: TLC's "Waterfalls," Blind Melon's "No Rain," Bruce Springsteen's "The River" and about 100 more H2O-themed ditties playing on an endless loop. That should remind us to take shorter showers and stop washing the cars at home. Or just make us very, very thirsty. 

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August 26, 2015, 12:29 PM EDT

Kids React to Their First Bites of Bitter Dark Chocolate in This Priceless Israeli Ad A sweet you can keep for yourself

Dark chocolate? Yuck.

That's the verdict of the kids who try the confection for the first time in this exceptionally cute, straightforward and effective Israeli spot for Strauss Group's Splendid brand.

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August 26, 2015, 11:30 AM EDT

Here's What 22 Famous Logos Would Look Like If They Swapped Colors With Competitors Surprisingly unsettling

We already know what makes a successful logo—remember, simplicity is key. But what about its color scheme? 

A Brazilian graphic designer, Paula Rúpolo, recently experimented with 22 major brand logos, swapping the colors of a brand's logo with that of its competitors. The results are mesmerizing and, surprisingly, viscerally unsettling. 

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August 25, 2015, 1:35 PM EDT

'Petite Randy Moss' Is Cable's Latest Victim in DirecTV's New Height-Mocking Ad Funny, or just mean?

Grey New York plays the height card in a new ad touting DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket.

The commercial stars Randy Moss, a future NFL Hall of Famer mulling a comeback. In the spot, tall Randy has SundayTicket, so he can watch his favorite teams every Sunday no matter where he happens to be. Clearly, this dude rocks. Short Randy, meanwhile, has cable, which doesn't carry the games of his hometown team, so his life, apparently, is not so great.

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August 25, 2015, 12:20 PM EDT

Watch This Solemn and Thoughtful Minute of Silence Marking Hurricane Katrina's 10th Anniversary British agency creates touching tribute

Hurricane Katrina's devastation of the Gulf Coast is mostly remembered for the chaos it created. But a new remembrance video captures a different aspect: the eerie silence of broken lives and communities.

Created by the ethically focused British agency Nice and Serious to mark the storm's 10th anniversary this weekend, "One Minute for Katrina" is a stark visual reminder of the rampant destruction caused by Katrina, which left more than 1,800 Americans dead and caused nearly incalculable economic loss for the region.

The video doesn't end with any sort of call to action, and in fact it contains no text at all. Instead, it's made entirely of animated clips modeled after real, iconic photos taken in the storm's aftermath.

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August 25, 2015, 11:02 AM EDT

Flying Notebooks Chase Students Around in This Drone-Packed Ad for a Scanning App Oxford's high-tech metaphor

What's an appropriate visual metaphor for an app that lets you scan handwritten notes to your smartphone? If you're U.K. stationery brand Oxford, it's a drone that follows you everywhere, lugging your paper notebooks.

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August 24, 2015, 4:29 PM EDT


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